Retirement Finally Caught Up With Me

by Lenny
(Hertfordshire, UK.)

Driving .....My Comfort Zone

Driving .....My Comfort Zone

I was in the regular army, then a fire engineer, policeman, long distance lorry driver, and my last job was in media security, and I loved everyone of those jobs, but I was finally forced into retirement at 68.

I'm in good shape (as fit as a butchers dog ) but being freelance in the TV /7 film business I couldn't get insurance at 68. That's when my life ended, or so I thought, but it doesn't end starts.

Take it from me - there is plenty to do out there. I am a keen photographer, and a bit of a keep fit fanatic, and there are lots of clubs for us "Wrinklies" out there.

The end result > I am beggining to enjoy being retired, and I get to spend quality time with my real Boss Judy ( my Other Half), and she sure is good at finding work for me around the house ( groan! )

Don't laugh guy's but I'm even thinking about taking up Line Dancing.

So don't despair co's it's all out there.

so stay happy...Len

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Good for you
by: Michigan

I'm so happy to hear someone else say they are loving retirement! I haven't regretted it one single day. I did do some part time work at my old employment, but I missed the freedom of going to bed late and sleeping in

Finances are in good shape, health is so so but under control and God is good...what more could I ask for?
I hope that my children and their children will one time have the opportunity to retire!

Retirement caught up with me
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Lenny:

Your attitude will attract an inviting future. Too bad it can't be bottled and sold around the world.

Keeping fit is certainly a bonus if it's not overdone and having a wife is certainly a huge help, even if she keeps you busy.

Keep us updated if you can.

Many blessings.

Retirement finally caught up with me
by: Sherry/Wilmington, NC

Oh boy, you sound like a fun guy and enjoying retirement.

I am retired and love, love, love my freedom. I do volunteer work and I enjoy it very much.

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