Retirement Freefall:
From "I'm Flying!" to "Where In The Heck Am I Going?"

by Gretchen
(Tustin, California)

After nearly 30 years, last July 1, I slept in (on a weekday!) and then sat out on my patio, enjoying two leisurely cups of coffee and reading... for two hours! Whee! Every night is Friday night, and every day is Saturday!

And then that gets boring! :-)

I do what I want when I want, but quickly realized this is NOT all about me.

I want to contribute, so I am very active in two organizations (I am on the board of our local historical society and I recently joined Republican Women Federation).

Including these activities and my family, I am pretty much busy every day--and not at all bored.

If I live selfishly, I become alone in everything -- if I open my mind, heart and arms to people and causes around me, I become enriched and I have value. Choose this latter path every time!

Life is a gift--working was just a part of it and that chapter is now closed. On to more adventures! And honestly, remember that we are in transition -- give yourself a little slack, and time!

I've started my own blog ( but no one is reading it. Please check it out!

I enjoy reading about all of you on this site--what a great idea, to share our thoughts and learn!

Wendy: Loved your bolded words above! Truly words for retirees to live by. Thank you!!

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From "I'm Flying!" to "Where In The Heck Am I Going?"

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just not getting it............
by: Charlie

i have been retired for over two years now and i am no closer to feeling content...... i am not sure if i want to work part time, travel, write a book........ i just have no inner push..... i am not depressed, or some recluse.... i am single and i suppose that does not help but the relationship will happen, when it happens.... bottom line, i really have no direction............

Wendy You named three directions... so find a part-time job (you can always quit later), write your book on the other days, as you feel inspired to do so, and dream of travel as another avenue to pursue in the future.

Contentment can't just happen.. you need to actively TRY something, anything. If you'd like to write a book, why not start a blog first.... play with writing on a regular basis, see who comments on your pages, just have fun with being READ on the internet and see if you get a response!

Check out the Retiree blog page (left column) to read other retiree blogs, both on my own site and hosted elsewhere. It will give you a good feel of whether you'd like to pursue blogging a bit. Might just do the trick!!

Best Wishes!!

by: Martha

Would you mind if I quote you? I do plan to check out your blog.

My last day of work is Monday ... and then I plan to be a bit selfish for a while.

However, I know that won't last long and I'll find something to do to contribute.

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