Retirement: Friend or Foe???

by Lorene
(S. Jersey)

I am so pleased that I found this site, it give me calmness to fine others who are going thru the same maze, just retired, feeling unbalanced, lost, a little sad. I was not prepared for this.

I just retired and know I will love it , that almost all go thru this but getting thru the maze is difficult.

Its a struggle between wanting to do things and then just not wanting to do things daily....I hope to report back often that I am making progress..

Thank you for your time. LCT/NJ

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just retired
by: Lorene ,New Jersey

i first posted in sept. of 2015 just after i retired, it was a struggle, i think I felt lost , not or solid ground and not prepared for the sadness of missing a structured life.

Well as i thought while i was going thru it. It did pass and its finding your new normal . For the first time I allowed myself to try things that I may like, to see what would stick.

Give yourself a chance to go thru the new feeling of recent retirement it will pass....

Choose to be HAPPY. It will work out.

Was not prepared for lonliness
by: Chrissie

I am 64 and was in a good place to leave. I was bored out of my mind on my job. In the meantime, I had a coaching business on the side. I thought great, I can do my coaching full time.

After the first month of being home, I have no motivation at all. I have great friends who are trying to help me - I love helping people but I procrastinate something fierce. I just recently started therapy and I am hoping it would help. I realize now I get much of my energy from people. Well, now there is no people and I never expected to fall into a depression.

I am so happy I found this site. I don't feel so crazy. Cannot wait to read more and hear more testimonials - I believe this is an answer to prayer for me. I don't feel alone. :)

by: LindaP

Thanks so much for this website ! I am struggling with retirement, too !

I hate getting up in the morning knowing that I have nothing meaningful to do ! I hate sitting around .... but I have NO motivation to engage in previous hobbies I have always enjoyed.

I am going to start volunteering next month in a friend's elementary classroom. I was an elementary school teacher for 41 years. I hope this will be fulfilling or me !

PLEASE keep sharing your ideas and feelings. All of you have made me feel like I am not in this alone.

Thank you
by: Linda

Trying to make this retirement adjustment as well! Extremely difficult !!! Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement.

All will be fine.
by: Wendy


It's a huge life transition... give yourself time.

TO me, you didn't hide under your blankets... you actively sought out help, Googled "retirement anxiety" or whatever you searched for, and found my site.

You now recognize "its not just me..." which is a huge step to take.

Now give yourself permission to take the time necessary to figure out WHO you are and WHAT you choose to do all day, every day.

You will get there. Just be patient with your transitioning self. Best Wishes!

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