Retirement Fun

by Guinn Shaddon
(Tecumseh OK)

Hello fellow retirees.

I retired 3 years ago. I taught elementary school for 30 years. It was my life. It took a while to face that I would never teach again.

It took a while to adjust to that. But I began to be thankful: when it snowed I didn't have to drive to work.

When I felt sick (I'm a diabetic and it started messing with me) I didn't have to call in to work.

I began to think of my childhood passions. Why couldn't I just go back to some of that: I used to build dollhouses out of cardboard boxes. Well, guess what? I have built the cutest dollhouse out of cardboard boxes.

I used to write gospel songs to sing in church, and guess what? I am doing it again.

Find something that inspires you to give it all you got: no deadlines, no bosses to answer to.

Eat up your retirement days.

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Good For You
by: Canadian Retiree

Glad you are enjoying your retirement. I’m struggling with my retirement. I have rediscovered my old passions like art, figure skating and piano but I do miss my job and my work friends. I worked at a University bookstore for 20 years. I’ve lost touch with my other friends and don’t see anyone as much anymore. My husband is not well. I’m trying to figure it out but it’s one day at a time. Hope I can feel like you one day

Great Story
by: Linda S/FL

Very Nice. Good attitude. Thanks for sharing as it’s encouraging to all.

by: KW/Kent, UK

Good for you!

How Awesome are you!
by: Chris

Wow you are my inspiration. I too idenfity a huge part of who I am with my career. Like you I am starting to explore the things I used to do and enjoy. I like how you see the positive is your days!


Yes, you got it
by: Sherry/ NC

Yay, you got the meaning of retirement and I love your attitude!

You will be fine and maybe you can give some of those dollhouses to the Salvation Army for little girls to play with.

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