Retirement Furniture with Storage Space

Retirement Furniture with Storage Space? Yes! With many retirees living in smaller spaces, downsized, this is a necessity.

Thank goodness for the new wave of innovative technology that incorporates storage space and stylish furniture all at once!

Today’s furniture pieces double as functional living pieces. With more and more families living together to save money, and more and more homeowners turning to the rental scene, furniture needs to be practical and useful as well as stylish and graceful.

In the Bedroom

The bedroom has so many options for creative storage space that is not only functional, but beautiful as well.

The addition of shelving to your headboard will create a stylish accent while offering new spaces for books and glasses. Having a headboard that conceals storage space is another great way to utilize space beautifully. 

Having an armoire for clothing with a storage space that pulls down to reveal a laptop is another great way of concealing computer wires and paperwork. And accessories works wonders for creating a workspace that doubles as an armoire.

In the Living Room

The living room is easily the first room to become the most cluttered. It is the hub of activity and where everybody lays his or her hats, so to speak.

Storage benches that have cubbies in them are a great addition to any hallway or entryway. The storage bench is a great place to leave scarves, hats, and gloves, while the cubbies can be used to store boots on rainy and snowy days.

Sofas that have pull-down table tops inside with cup holders are a great way to save space, as you do not have to have a separate coffee table that takes up space. Sofas that have recliners on the end are great additions for relaxing and putting your feet up, and they alleviate the need for recliners. Ottomans that have storage space and cubicles inside their tops are great ways to store remote controls, your computer mouse, and your technology chargers out of sight and out of mind.

In the Kitchen

Kitchens are the hot spot of the home and, as such, having one that runs efficiently and decoratively all at once is a pure pleasure.

Kitchen tables are no longer simply tables. They function as storage units as well. Kitchen islands are a fabulous way to have a gathering place while also providing a place to store kitchen gadgets and accessories. 

There are so many kitchen storage ideas nowadays! The old pop-out ironing board is making a comeback, believe it or not. An ironing board that folds into the wall is a great space saver.Utilizing every ounce of space underneath kitchen stairs by putting up a set of barn doors and hinges and some shelving invites a brand new pantry to be born. These are just a few simple ways that furniture can double as storage space and do so beautifully.