Retirement Goals for 2015

by Betsy
(Upstate New York)

What are YOUR goals for 2015? The Seasons of Your Life are Moving, Month by Month... Let's Make Changes in 2015!

What are YOUR goals for 2015? The Seasons of Your Life are Moving, Month by Month... Let's Make Changes in 2015!

I am going on my 2nd year of retirement. Your latest news letter asked about what goals we might have for 2015.

A few years ago I made a permanent resolution not to make any more resolutions!!

But in thinking about your question, I plan to keep this year very simple with 2 very healthy goals in mind:

  • Yoga & the Paleo Diet!

    My plan is to start out slowly & simply and by the end of the year both should improve the health of my overall body, mind & spirit greatly!

    Thanks for putting my thinking cap on :-)

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    Year 2015 - More Time For Research Work
    by: Joe Wasylyk

    It's 2015. Happy New Year! Let's Make Some noise!

    What do I know for sure? I know that at the end of last year EVERY Boomer/Elder is at least 50 years old. I also know that the world economy for at least the next 2-years will be pretty volatile and new jobs for seniors over 50 will be hard to find, because now even younger people are being laid off.

    I also know that for some reason too many seniors are silent even though they know their OWN VOICE is very important in this NEW economy;especially when they have vast experiences, interests, knowledge, skills & resources to give and receive.

    So, I'm going to spend MOST of 2015 doing 'research work' to find out what we can do in Canada to SPEED up the 50+ entrepreneur movement here. This means that I will be working more with other Countries such as the USA,UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to name a few. I know for a fact that 'senior entrepreneurship' is happening around the World but in different stages in the different countries.

    As a result, I am going to suspend my Blog article writing for one whole year until at least February, 2016. My blog articles are not not only based on my personal opinion but they include my own actual life experiences, and any related research work. This will enable my archives of 37 Blog articles to last as being relevant until at least early 2016.

    Also, on May 21, 1945 I will be 70 years old (the biblical 3 scores years and 10. Taking a one-year sabbatical will also allow me a lot of time off to do some relevant research work and just have some Fun and smell 'the Wildrose' in the Province of Alberta in Canada.

    Thanks Wendy for allowing us to post our Retirement Goals for 2015. I hope that ALL the seniors in this group take the time to think about and write in detail what they want to accomplish in 2015. Good Luck to Everyone in 2015.

    Joe Wasylyk

    WENDY: Go Joe! Great goal to shoot for -- and focus for a full year? I will be waiting to see what happens!

    by: Barbara

    Your site has opened my world to what is positive about retirement. Thank you for giving us a place to belong!

    2015 goals
    by: mark cooke

    I have been swimming 3-5 times a week and play racquetball with my wife of 30 years and my 20 something sons and their friends a couple times a week .

    I discovered I may have a wheat gluten intolerance or allergy so I am dealing with that by diet.

    These are 2 of my goals for this year among others which include drawing,painting,birding, photography, reading, gardening, fishing at the cottage, trying to strike a balance between exercise, relaxation and intellectual pursuits.

    so far so good!

    This is a challenge....
    by: Wendy

    Any other retirees with a goal for 2015 --
    big or small?

    My BIG Goal -- to truly help retirees in 2015. Not just passively with a website and community forum and such... but more personally with more Retirement Coaching. I want to help people get past the Retirement Blues during the retirement transition phase... and into a bigger and happier retirement lifestyle.

    I also really want Boomers to start Online Home Businesses. I think we are perfect for this. We all have something to share, something to teach. I will help you to get it online -- to the point where you make and income AND have a ball networking!

    Anyone want to join me at the March NAMS Workshop in Atlanta to learn more about online income? FUN FUN!

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