Retirement gray zone

by Ron / Delaware

After too many jobs to mention from the USMC to my last 25 years as a paramedic it was always work.

Finally at 61 my body and temperament couldn’t put in another day. My wife retired in June and I followed six months later. Kids have their careers, but still caring for my father-in-law who has been with us for 16 years. He recently passed and I know what I want to do but there is always something else needing to get done & I’m tired of the chores.

Just want to hit the road in our RV and live the freedom before "progressives" screw our Country up.

Looking back the USMC was the best job I ever had. Looking ahead "no regrets". Yesterday is gone & tomorrow is a new adventure.

My title of it being a gray zone maybe should be DMZ or (De Working Zone). Unless it’s just you alone there are always loose ends to secure before you can finally have that life you’ve only dreamed of (for decades).

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USMC - thank you
by: Elisa

First, thank you for your years of service.

Secondly, kudos to you and your wife for taking care of your ailing/elderly relative for 16 years! I did it for 3 1/2 and I was drained!

Anyway - now is your time. Get in that RV. Sell the home base and everything in it - and enjoy your life. We never know how our health will hold up and time's a'wastin!

Good luck to you and have fun!

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