Retirement Happiness

As was mentioned in a previous article, many of us learn by watching and listening to others. We also learn by reading about how others handle similar situations, “situations” such as retirement. In our quest to find individuals that are retired and have found something they believe in and enjoy doing during their retirement years, we came across Stephen Whiteley.

Stephen’s former career was that of a fighter pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force. After 30 years of being a fighter pilot, Stephen decided to retire. That was back in 2008. His aim was to build a business about how to get over the stress and conflicts one faces in everyday life and connect with the true happiness we all dream about. Eighteen months prior to that though Stephen decided that the sedentary life was treating him badly and if he was going to live a long and happy life, it was time he became active and healthy. As a result, he started eating better, getting fit, sleeping better, revived his marriage and his relationship with his children and reconnected with nature as often as possible.

Retirement now finds him working part time building his happiness business and having a great time in the process. Stephen gets up every morning at 5:15 AM in order to prepare his mind and body for the day. He rides his bicycle and works out at least six days a week and is happy all the time. Staying productive with balanced rest during the day allows Stephen to remain healthy and happy. Click to see book on

What Stephen has realized in retirement is that the active life of achievement and purpose is much more rewarding than the sedentary life of consumption and materialism. At this point in his life, Stephen readily admits that he is more active than many people at half his age (54) and loves going to the gym. At the present time, Stephen is planning some major hiking trips with his wife, and has authored an award winning book published in May 2011 (Happiness Works! Get Yours Here! Inspirational Book of the Year for 2012 by Ashford Publishing).

Bottom line is that helping others to become as happy as they can be is now Stephen’s passion. Ending unhappiness for good has become Stephen’s life purpose.

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