Retirement: Have accumulated enough money

Leaving stressful Wall Street environment behind after 33 years

business was no longer fun and rewarding

disfunctional work place including management

Lost my business edge in this new digital age

now 57 years old and what am I waiting for?

Wendy I understand you have the income to survive retirement... but what will you do all day, every day?

Please consider this BEFORE you take the leap. Many don't.

When you work, the utopia of "retirement" sounds wonderful. But when you have 7 days a week of NOTHING, it's not so good... sometimes downright depressing.

  • Will you vacation and travel?

  • Is family nearby and do they have time for you (or busy with their own children and careers)?

  • Do you have hobbies?

  • Might you work part time? Consultant?

  • Might you volunteer!

    Just please think about what will keep you busy - day after day - in retirement.

    Remember, retiring at 57, you could EASILY have another THIRTY YEARs or more of retirement. THIRTY years of nothing? What will you do?

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    The Night Can Be Long ....
    by: Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India

    Dear Friend,

    Wendy has given you very sound advice. What shall you do each day, 7 days a week, for say 30 years up to 2042 or beyond? Can you survive without something to do? Or, if you survive, can you keep your mental balance? Kindly read my blog on the pages of

    I have retired twice - first at the age of 62 years, and then again at the age of 67 years. At 62, I resolved not to work any more. But it was difficult to pass even the first month after retirement. So, I took up Visiting Readership (part time) in a Management College. I had to leave this job after my cardiac surgery.

    Now, I am fully retired, but keep busy in various ways - gossiping with fellow retiree friends in the park twice a day, assisting grandsons in studies, keeping in touch with many friends thru Internet, assisting in household chores, sleeping and day dreaming and creative writing when I am in the mood.

    If working life is day, retirement is like night. Our life is made of both days and nights. For an individual, his night can be longer than his day. So, prepare well for the night keeping each of Wendy's points in your mind.

    Best Wishes. 26 June 12

    Here's an option to your situation!
    by: Anonymou

    57 yrs. old and retired? My friend you are still young to live another kind and different life. A simple,slower pace of life close to nature is what you need! It's an option offered here. Maybe look into another type of business or just live happily each day.

    I am 55, still working but certainly looking to the day when I can retire and move to my home island where I can just spend the days among the elders, listening to old stories, or go clamming or catch crabs, canoeing among the neighboring rock islands and so on.

    Travel to our part of the world and just spend few days. You will see and learn that life can start again for us at this age. Guaranteed!!!

    email if you need help coming our way. My friends will make time to accommodate you. Take care and Be Happy.

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