Retirement Health Care: Don't be a chump

by Jon Kay

Health insurance is a racket. You should know this at your age. When you go to the ER you can be pretty sure they will "get it wrong".

It is much better to depend on your own smarts. Don't put out any more $$$ than you absolutely must.

The Medical/Industrial complex has been demonstrated to be a mafia like scam, much more waste fraud and abuse than any value.

Don't be a chump. You are in a delusion of your own denial. Take responsibility for your own well being. Don't entrust it to some factory warehouse process just because they promise you safety and security. You are lost in your own happy think.

Wake up before you fall into their happy talk version of Hell.

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Health Insurance What To Do?
by: Joe W.

Americans in general seem to be at the crossroads when it comes to buying health insurance. I think that Obama is probably the only one who might be able to improve the situation regarding getting a 'fair deal' on health insurance for everyone in the USA.

In Canada, as many people are aware we have Universal Health Care where it is practically a human right to have basic health insurance for everyone. Of course there is the option to buy extra health insurance coverage depending upon the wants and needs of the individual or family.

by: Jon Kay

This Person is in denial.

Health Care
by: Anonymous

I would agree that we all must take good care of ourselves, and not depend upon our doctors to save us if we abuse our bodies and get sick.

Those who smoke and get lung cancer, can they blame God for this??? Those who drink too much, and get liver disease, can they blame God???

We all must take responsibility for our own health. We all must read everything we can on all major diseases, so that we understand them if we should be unlucky enough to get them.

Those who depend on Medicare are in for a big shock, it won't be there for you, even though you paid into it all your lives. Doctors won't work for nothing, and the government keeps reducing what doctors can get for treating you.

The elderly will be hard pressed to find a doctor to treat them. Good luck to you all in staying healthy.

by: Anonymous

this person is very bitter
this person should kneel down and pray

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