Retirement Hobbies: Aerobics

Looking for a retirement hobby? Consider Aerobics. No one is too old to stay fit... that's what keeps us young!

Aerobics for seniors are getting really popular. It is a program that is customized for seniors, making it easy and safe.

Senior Aerobics is highly recommended by doctors as this promotes good health and well being. It is acknowledged to provide good body circulation and strengthens muscles, thus keeping the heart enduring. This type of aerobics may not include jumping, running and other over-strenuous moves. However, it will utilize most of the muscles to a level that will moderately increase your heart rate. It usually involves dance type movements with a modified moves such small kicks, arm movement, and sideward step movements.

Some senior aerobic programs do modified aerobics with chairs! Check out the video below! Now, depending on your age and how physically active you are, this might be to slow for you.. but if you are stiff and haven't kept up physically, even these simple simple movements help you to regain your strength!

Aerobics helps! This is important to boost your self-esteem, but more essentially, it will prevent occurrence of various illnesses that mostly pertains to the heart. Recent scientific studies have also discovered that aerobics also improves brain activity as it provides proper flow of blood to the nervous system. Memory and cognitive functions of the brain has greatly improved as displayed by elders who are into aerobics.

In this regard, take your retirement as an opportunity to pay back yourself in giving it a chance to improve the physical and mental health that you may have used and abused during your employment years.

Get started by going to a local gym or fitness club in your community. YMCA nearest you may be a good choice. You also have an option to do it at home, alone or with friends by getting a DVD or VHS, or even online senior aerobic videos, that are readily available.

It would be helpful if you ask an aerobic instructor for some tips on exercises for seniors so you can perform it the proper way. Especially for seniors who are new to this hobby, it would also be a good idea to consult your physician before you start any fitness programs.

Enjoy this chance that you have to perform aerobics. This may be the greatest gift you could give yourself and the people you love. Let aerobics pump your heart out, a healthier you!