Retirement Hobbies: Bird watching

Get into Bird Watching! It's great FUN!

We have been feeding birds in our backyard for years now. We have TONS of birds and that's half of the chatter in my household -- who's out there now?

Bird watching offers you the benefit of being in the great outdoors and it gives you a chance to observe birds in their natural environment. But, Like me, you can also watch from your home window...

Bird watching is an activity that aims to observe birds that are out in the wild.  Bird watching offers great opportunities for travel too if you want to go to specific areas to see that prized migratory bird or a bird that simply exists in one area alone.

This is my friend, Ute, and she lives in Cleveland Ohio. She goes to a nearby park and feeds the birds -- FROM HER HAND!

This is what she posted on Facebook:

"An amazing experience on my walk in the park this afternoon. The birds flew on a lady's hand to get their goodies. I was astonished to see busy chickadees getting their sunflower seeds. She then gave me some and here they came. Monica, the lady's name,  kindly captured the moment of delight. 

It does not take much to have a joyful experience! And, I will be back!!"

Isn't that just too cool??

Ute told me it's likely not possible in my own backyard as they have plenty to eat from the feeders. But there, at the park, they go right for the seed, held in your hand. Makes sense,.. too bad!

We have had fun watching the birds and squirrels for years now. Last year, we started with finches, beautiful yellow finches come by the dozens, right to my window. They almost look like wild canaries just like the feeder photo from Amazon here! I love that!

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You buy them THISTLE bird seed, or Finch Seed... it is a little more expensive than regular bird seed, but they are so darn beautiful!

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Bird watching can be done almost anywhere so long as it is a natural habitat for birds to frequent. It can be at the comfort of your backyard, in the parks you go to or even in the places that you travel to. To start on your new activity, you would need simple tools such as a binocular in order to observe birds more closely, a field guide to enable you to tell what birds you are observing, a hat to shade you from the heat of the sun, and a notebook to write your observations on.

Through this activity, you gain connection with nature as you immerse in it to commence your new found hobby. But, in addition to that you will also be kept healthy since this entails a lot of walking. You could also do this with the family so that you get some bonding time together. You also get to meet new people if you go out with a birding community.

There are a host of birding clubs, communities and associations out there.

What are you waiting for, start getting your bird watching gear ready right now! Invite friends and family to go with you as you embark in this new chapter of your life.

Who knows, you just might be the next bird watching wonder who gets to discover amazing things about birds.

How’s that for retirement?