Retirement Hobbies: Brewing Beer

Brewing beer as a retirement hobby is gaining popularity among the beer drinkers themselves, mostly men.

Taste would be entirely up to the brewer, so it often comes out just the way they like it. Most of the home-brewers would say that they just brewed the best tasting beer ever.

For starters, this hobby is made so easy by just purchasing a beer brewing kit is commercially available in the market. Most of these kits include all the things and ingredients necessary to try your first brew. The more popular brewing kits in the stores usually outputs two gallons of beer in one setting. It will however take approximately two weeks before producing your own home-brewed beer.

A kit includes the fermenter and the other ingredients such as malt and yeast. The malt which is the second main ingredient next to water is made of dried out barley, wheat, or rye. Your beer's color, and satisfying flavor is highly dependent on this ingredient. You may add hops that helps to balance the sweetness of the malt. One more important ingredient is the yeast that is known to put the alcohol in beer. This will be stored in the fermenter within a 14 day waiting period. Just like brewing coffee, going wrong is not bad. Beer drinkers will still gulp it down and would just be so excited to brew the next batch.

To a retiree, this may be the perfect hobby just for you! However, remember, the hobby is brewing beer, and not drinking beer. Of course you could drink some, but not everything you brewed. Well, at least not the day its “done”. Proudly share some to your visiting friends. Nothing should be better than beer that you brewed yourself. And if your brew becomes tastes consistently great, you are in for more surprises.

As this hobby is increasingly getting popular attention, more drinkers begin to seek the raw taste of home brewed beer. A number of hobbyist in this field have even reported that they have started selling some bottled home-brewed beer that they could not consume. Like striking gold, this hobby could actually turn out to be a money-maker. With this great retirement hobby with a real potential to earn big bucks, you could truly drink to that!

Home Brewers Association: Over 750,000 Americans have started brewing their own beer.

For retired beer drinkers, this could be a dream hobby that might turn into a small business. If you decide you enjoy brewing beer, consider making a business of this -- selling beer making equipment, holding beer brewing classes, or simply selling your own fantastic home-brewed beer!

The best and most effective way known to start promoting your home-brewed beer is to throw a drinking party. Your family and friends would be delighted to have a taste of your own beer. Take criticism constructively as this could be very vital in improving what you have started.

A brewer was caught saying, “Make your brew like no other. Make your brew your own.” Quench the thirst of your beer drinker friends and let them advertise your brew to their own network of friends. The profit maybe modest at first but don't be afraid to go for it. Bring that hobby to the peak. Believe in yourself. Brew, drink, earn and be merry.

Now, pour your first ever home-brewed beer and raise that chilled mug right up and say, cheers!