Retirement Hobbies: Chess

As a retirement hobby, Chess is great.

It can be played either in club, home or even online. This royal hobby is in fact a less expensive game that has certain beneficial features in itself.

Millions of people worldwide play chess. It is a traditional game which can be played either as a hobby or the one to build personal intellectual levels. Being a mental game, it requires good memory as well as ability to focus and concentrate on certain point. It is a great source of improving mental health and memory.

Chess improves social skills, self-esteem and motivation in people.

Modern technology and the internet provides even more options for the chess lovers to play it free online. So, if anybody has no partner to play chess, he can play online.

A lot of online clubs are providing services in this regard. First of all you need to join a club of chess devotees. Websites like United Chess Federation, Internet Chess Club, provide a good source of chess partners as well as learning tactics also.

This news video shows how Chess is really beneficial to our minds and alzenheimers.

Some people Chess Collectors. They like to collect different kinds of chess sets and boards since chess boards are available in different styles and type. Some of them even consider as rare or exotic. Plastic, cardboard, wooden, ivory, marble and even precious metal based chess boards can be found in market.

For such people who like collecting chess boards is good suggestion to turn their hobby into money making business. It would beneficial as well as fun for them. For this purpose they can visit local market for options or they try on internet also for further opportunities. Surely, they can find loads of options in this respect.