Retirement Hobbies: Crochet

Try a great retirement hobby like Crochet.

From the French word “croc” that means “hook”, Crochet is a hobby that you will definitely get “hooked on”.. grin!

Crochet existed centuries ago as it became an alternative to lace work. Crochet was a welcome choice as it is definitely more affordable than lace. Materials to be used in crocheting was also commercially made available. In the recent years, the hobby of crocheting boomed with the colorful yarns and a wide array of modern pattern designs. It became a livelihood to many as it became a style that found its way to every household.

Finished products from crochet might be on shirts, vests, hats, purses, baby blankets, and even bed covers and curtains. Homemade crochet gifts are always a welcome surprise. As most of the crochet pieces sold in the market today are machine made, anything made by your own hands, makes it extra special.

Crochet is a hobby that takes time to see end results. Experts on this hobby may create pieces faster. However, for average hobbyist in this field, it will usually take days or even weeks to finish a product.

I crocheted years ago while watching tv... it just kept my mind and fingers happily busy!

Crochet needs a passion for it to have the necessary patience to complete the job nicely. Your love for what you are doing would significantly show on the pieces that you make. It is great and relatively fulfilling to accomplish a design pattern as it takes practice to achieve such. Because of the time and effort spent on making crochet pieces, these may turn out to be cherished family heirlooms that you can still hand on to your next generation.

For retirees that have not tried, it is never too late to learn how to crochet your first piece. For seniors who know how to but never had enough time when you were still working, now is the best time to rediscover the hobby of crocheting. Modern pattern designs have emerged, that are fun and exciting to make.

If your idea of retirement is sitting on that rocking chair while you crochet as you watch the sun go down from your window, this is truly a hobby for you. It will give you a very rewarding experience as you finish one piece at a time. However, it would be a good idea to not get totally hooked on this hobby as it would not be healthy for you to just sit, doing this all day. It would still be best to get up and move around doing other chores in between.

As mentioned earlier, crochet products are sold commercially in the market. With this in mind, this hobby of yours is an instant business opportunity. Being it handmade by you makes it more valuable than those made by machine. Your labor cost is priceless and the skill you put into it is always unique. It depends on you how you could put value to it that would still be reasonable for the buyer. After all, crochet is a hobby that have already been truly rewarding to you in the first place, so anything more than that is bonus.