Retirement Hobbies:
Handwriting Analysis

As a retirement hobby, Handwriting Analysis can be stimulating! It can very well determine your intimate details and life's secrets!

To an expert in Handwriting Analysis, whatever is hidden in the black and white of your handwriting is unlocked.

At first you may start getting curious on what they have to say about your handwriting. You may initially assess if Handwriting Analysis is really credible against your facts and emotions. And when you realize that Handwriting Analysis does have a point and a basis of what it is all about, then you may begin to wonder what your partner, family or friend's handwriting may express. 

Handwriting Analysis may work best if you try to analyze your own. Compare the results of your analysis through your personal reflection of oneself. At this point, to be most effective, your honesty should be above all without any pretensions and biases. Upon analyzing your own writing, it may enhance your outlook as a person and may even let you understand the other people's behavior better.

Handwriting Analysis is not a hobby of wanting to know other people's dark secrets. This should be taken positively with only good intentions in mind.

Handwriting Insights is a good site to start with. Analyze your handwriting and review your potentials.

It may still be a long way to go to become like these experts in Handwriting Analysis. But if this interests you, you can begin as a hobby – do it at a summer fair in your area, and later even open a small business if you decide you are good and really enjoy this hobby turned business!

Do you know that they are not teaching cursive writing in many schools nowadays?  THIS may become another dying art!