Retirement Hobbies: Video Games

by Garry Mc

Xbox 360 for Exercise

Xbox 360 for Exercise

I actually recently took up video games. As strange as that sounds for a retiree it has been great.

Video games have allowed me to maintain the hand eye coordination I have left at my old age. At first operating the analog sticks seemed difficult and foreign to me.

Eventually through repetition I had no trouble with even using both analog sticks in different directions at the same time while playing the games. It sounds a bit crazy but my doctor even mentioned he thought my reaction times improved.

Puzzle games also help me keep my mind sharp. My favorite part about video games is that they help me keep in contact with my two grandsons who live over 8 hours away. We play together online and get to talk and chat while it goes on.

We do this through xbox live, I originally had bought an xbox 360 just because I wanted something to watch netflix with, but when my grandson found out he bought me a gamefly subscription where I get to rent games by mail.

This helps me play games with my grandchildren but without having to spend 60$ per game and instead pay just over 15$ a month. Without video games I'd feel much more lonely and don't think I'd talk to my family nearly as often.

With the xbox 360 I also bought the motion sensing camera Kinect. With Kinect I bought your shape fitness which basically helps you workout.

I'm seventy four years old so weight lifting at the gym isn't my ideal, but yoga and light cardio with Kinect really helped me lose a few pounds and get healthier.

Most adults just think video games are for children and unemployed fools, not so I'd encourage any retiree to try to get into video games, I'm sure glad I did.

Wendy This was super helpful! I never knew myself! This might be my husband's Christmas gift now... shhhh! Don't tell him! Grin!

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by: jimmy

Thanks a lot.

Hey buddy!
by: Anonymous

Good idea!

Gaming as pain control
by: Brew_too

I retired about 7 months early some six years ago now, on permanent disability, and I have been gaming on-line seriously since slightly before that.

At first, one of the main reasons was to stay in contact with my three grown sons, who all lived far enough away that regular visits were out of the question, so we each had an XBox360 w/camera, but I found myself playing more often, even if the boys were not on line.

Being in constant pain, and taking medication to be able to tolerate it, concentrating enough to read is daunting, and simply watching TV or movies is just not involving enough to hold my interest; video games, especially first-person shooters, racing simulations, and role-playing games all keep me involved enough to keep myself distracted from pain; & sitting in a recliner is the most comfortable position for me, and although I cannot compete with the 14-24 year old crowd, I can generally score in the 30-40% range of the leader boards; somewhat higher in the racing games.

Unlike the gentleman who posted the article, I cannot use any of my consoles for exercise, but I still enjoy using them all, and I cannot think go a more benign method of pain control.

God Bless the World of Warcraft
by: Dot

I ma retiring in 5 days...but i have been playing WoW for about 5 years now...i have so many WoW friends... and i love the silly thing..collecting achievements, amassing gold, even though i hate questing...I never thought of it as a retirement hobby... but i guess it will

I like them too
by: Frances

Gaming for me isn't something that is new. Although i dont have the x box, i have other gaming consoles. I have been playing games on my psx, ps2, snes, n64 and an old upright arcade machine for years. I recently got into fb online gaming and i don't play my old console games much anymore.

I think games are good for our brain and they help to keep our reflexes. Games are a lot of fun and help pass the time. I especially liked the rpg style games. They have a story and are very interesting. Almost like watching a very long movie. I could recommend a few.

Suikoden 2 is a top game with a top story and great gameplay. You can play that on your ps2 or psx. Another top game for the same consoles is final fantasy 7. Also there is ark the lad for the ps2, dragon quest 8, alterier iris 3, grandia 2 and a few others. When i play online games, i like the ones you match up.

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