Retirement Hobby: ART

by Artsy Della

Art and music have become one of my greatest hobbies.

Art is endless. The lighter side can make you happy and full of life and the dark side can awaken things inside of you. Things you didn’t know where there. With an appreciation of art you can have an appreciation for the world around you and yourself as a person.

The greatest things of all is art isn’t something you can pigeon hole. Poetry, paintings, sculpture, ballet, theater, music and so on. The beauty is that every piece of art has a different meaning to each person. A song can mean one things to one person and take on a whole other meaning to another.

I can look at a painting or read a poem and find something to relate to that another person would never find. This fact makes it possible to make art your own and to find a home in each piece of art.

In the end, with art, you can build your world out of the movies and songs and poems that make you whole. The walls of your “home” are built from the art you love and find meaning in. This simple theory makes me feel at peace and also makes me hopeful that as long as there.

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Watercolour painting
by: Canadian Retiree

I’m retired a year now and took a long time to adjust to life in the slow lane. At first I hated it. I thought I made a huge mistake by retiring a year sooner than I planned.

I’m now taking water colour painting class and enjoying learning a new technique. I’m also playing my piano and ice skating and exercising as much as possible. I’ve gained a bit of weight from not running to my bus every day but I’m working at keeping fit.

For all the complaining I do about missing my job, I am enjoying my hobbies new and old.

Writing and Painting
by: Om Joshi, JAIPUR India

I am retired 20 years ago and worked for 14 years as research worker and writer and painter, I attended nearly 10 International conferences with help of painting and writing research papers on Social Anthropology. Painting is my hobby and I used it with my writing.

I used folk painting, classical and Modern painting. I still use modern painting and read and write about it. Now I am planning to attend Art Residencies in

Paint lifelike pictures without doing any drawing
by: David

Have you been discouraged from painting because you can't draw? I show you how to paint a range of realistic pictures without doing any drawing. This is proper painting, not just coloring in. There is a painting you can try without spending any money. Just download from

Painting is a great hobby and it is such a pity to be put off because you are not comfortable with drawing. With my instructions you will achieve a painting that you never thought possible.

I am 74, and have been retired for 11 years. Painting gives me a great interest.

New to Site
by: Sharon

I would love to exchange e mails with anyone interested in collage, card making, jewelry making etc. Sure hope we can connect.

Wendy: You can't actually connect here... but click on the 2 faces to the right, join the Retirement Community! Then go to the Artsy group 0R do a search under the MEMBERS TAB for any of the topics you mention and find retirees who enjoy the same!

Create art in retirement
by: Anonymous

I have spent my time gaining a PhD and putting my art and teaching skills together to produce an art course at

Its aim is access to art for all, it teaches drawing and painting.

I am very lucky I will continue with my art, it is stimulating and excites me.

by: Anonymous

I love and create paintings for publishing post cards.
OP Joshi

by: Jon K

I have always been a wordsmith, and now find myself engaged in an artquest. The retirement site has been an excellent medium. I need to have some sense of who it is I direct my narrative to.

“The perennial balance amalgamating the opposites. Youth and Maturity. The Eternal configuration, like a mobile in the gentle breeze, dynamically balancing back and forth around homeostasis ”

The finale also unites other elements of the narrative [such is the incredible mystery of the psyche] Suddenly a new vista is opened before the storyteller. Like in the movie “Wizard of Oz”. One could imagine rushing in like an excited, wide eyed teenager, except for the fact that this is now a different stage in life.

Fa La La La Fa La La La Fa La La La

That CHILDLIKE clarity of vision we start with in life, and inexorably becomes more tempered and opaque with the years.

There is an exciting new vista ahead. Shall one rush in to gather up an armful of the lush landscape? Be careful. There may be thorns intertwined with the buttercups and kalalilies [don‘t know how to spell the name of that flower].

Push and Pull.

Yes? Maybe?

Hi Della!
by: Zenobia

I love every word you shared! I am an artsy person as well and would LOVE to share some of my thoughts with you.

My email is ZisSAVED at if you care to write. I am a writer/Artist/ love theater...etc

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