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Retirement Hobby: Audio Books and Old Time Radio

by Burt W

I collect audio books and old time radio programs on tape and CD. I like listening to them..

Today, I rarely pay for them. I use the Internet Archive website: Old Time Radio channel.

The Internet Archive has a lot of interesting things on it. You can also watch many movies as well as reading lots of books.

I download the mp3 formats and listening to them from the computer or my mp3 player. Sometimes, I burn them to a CD for my car when driving.

Connecting to Old Time Radio, I have discovered that there are full sets of shows!

Another site I use is R U Sitting Comfortably? Very inexpensive.

The speeches and historical audios are amazing on American Rhetoric, Top 100 Speeches.

I listen to Audio like "Yours Truly Johnny Dollar" or "Dragnet", or "Sherlock Holmes"... it's great!

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by: Paul/Baltimore

I retired unexpectedly at an early age of 50. In trying to get well and keeping myself busy, I originally started building furniture.

While I enjoyed it, I found it costly to produce a nice piece. In searching for another hobby, I stumbled upon an old radio that was like one I had years ago. I remembered listing to the old mystery shows at night. It was an old tube AM radio.

It led me to be drawn back to what I did as a career, the repair of electronics. I started collecting these radios and restoring them. It brought together the things I enjoyed most. I rework the electronics, refinish the old cabinets, and have them playing around the house.

I too stumbled upon the old shows on the internet. I was able to download them and build a small transmitter to play them throughout the house.

It gave me such an enjoyable hobby to be able to enjoy my retirement.

I am an AVID collector of old time radio and audio books
by: Zenobia

Hey There!

I collect these and can never find anyone else who is interested in them!

I have a bunch of them and also utilize the OTR site and many others.

Tell me some of your favorites!

You can also email me at ZisSAVED at aol.com

Would LOVE to hear from you and any other lovers of old time radio!

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