Retirement Hobby: Furniture Refinishing

by Catherine

For the past eight years I have been going to furniture refinishing classes through the local Board of Education General Interest courses offered in my city.

It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment to see some of my good quality, yet unfortunately marred furniture/antiques, refinished to their original beauty.

The compliments I receive about my refinished furniture makes me feel proud, especially when I say "I did it myself". Although it is a hobby that takes strength, patience and endurance, since it can be a long process, the outcome I find is quite rewarding.

Wendy: I love this hobby... so much, in fact, that I'd love to learn how to do this myself.

I really do love reusing old articles. Why toss a marred table, when you can put a little sweat into it and make it beautiful again?

Kudos to you, Catherine! I hope this page reminds other retirees about this great hobby -- and they may seek out furniture refinishing too!

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