Retirement Hobby: My Computer ( and Facebook)

by Margaret

My guilty pleasure retirement hobby is Facebook on the computer. It is like being a peeping Tom into others lives; depending on what they write about themselves.

I can choose to comment sarcastically on their status or just laugh about it.

It gives me the connection to people I had when I worked, listening to their family problems, achievements and gripes. The difference is I don't have to pretend to be interested; as I did when it was a one-on-one conversation.

When I get together with my bunco group it gives me something to talk about with others, some of which are retired and some still working. It keeps me in "the loop" without having to be with these people at work every day.

I have also made quite a few new connections with people on Facebook; people I have never met and probably never will. People everywhere have common connections and it is fun to share in them.

I also play games on the computer, the most time consuming being Farmville. It is fun and also connects you to your Farmville neighbors, as you need them to help you out sometimes.

I keep my mind fresh by playing scrabble with friends on-line and a few other word games that make me think and keep up my dexterity. The computer gives me connections to so many people in the world without having to leave my home.

I don't have to be physically fit to participate or get dressed up to talk to my friends. It costs me very little to have a laptop computer and a wireless internet connection so I can use my computer around the house. I keep up with the news and weather and local sales all at the tip of my fingers.

The possibilities of activities and connections and education are endless on the computer; and I don't have to leave the comfort of my home.

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Love Facebook
by: Nancy

I agree Facebook is great. I've reconnected with friends I haven't seen in decades. The best group of people are my childhood friends from my very small hometown. It has just been great.

Hi Margaret in Arizona
by: Anonymous

I agree with you and the "comfort" of our own home ~ especially in Arizona ~ summer is fast approaching and the HEAT is intense ~ where about do you live in AZ? It certainly is hot in Phoenix ~ I know that because I have been there often and hate the summer months ~ I could never open the car door without burning my fingers ~ Can you?

I love FaceBook but mostly love to post on it than play the games or meet strangers ~ I love the photo's taken by others and save them to my own group of photos ~ I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

Have fun with your Retirement and keep busy.

Enjoy Life ~ we all have to do our best to be the BEST we can be, right?

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