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I hope I get the passion
by: Anonymous

I hope I can find the passion for something like this. It is truly a beautiful hobby/talent.

by: o.p.joshi

Beuityful design and attractive color combination.
It will increase your age. Creativity is very important. Request to remain Vegetarian on 2nd October International Peace Day-Gandhi's birthday.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

l am 1 of these women who understand your passion! l do not quilt ( yet ) however, l do crochet baby afghans for young women who r on their own, no father around, no supportive family either.

So as Christmas time rolls around, l take anywhere from 8 to 12 blankets to the facility where the moms r and donate what l have made with love & understanding. l am sure on Christmas morning, mom is so delighted to have received a gift of love for their little one. And l am happy because they r happy, there is nothing more exciting then giving birth to a new baby, their baby.

l have done this for 4 years now and l will continue until my hands & fingers give out~~ l am 65 yrs old so hopefully l can do this for several more years God willing~~ And l enjoy every minute of it~

Thank you
by: Nancy

Thank you Wendy and thanks for the website and FB page. I get so much enjoyment out of quilting and feel like I am channeling Aunt Dora. I sleep better under these quilts! Thanks for posting my page.

by: Dean

Nancy, good for you! My title is pretty tongue in cheek. My wife and I retired about a year and a half ago. She is a sewer and a quilter but never had a enough time to do as much quilting as she'd like to do.

As our 2 daughters entered their teen years and we relocated to Tennessee, my wife rejoined the workforce as an IT asset administrator at a corporate headquarters in Nashville. Well you can probably guess that my wife had virtually no time to quilt anymore.

All that has changed since retirement. My wife has finished 5 or 6 quilts and has several going at the same time now.

She is making one a size she says she'll never do again. It is for my brother and his wife who have a California King with a very fat mattress. The overall size is 110" by 120". It's too big for her queen size quilt rack so she's devised a way to hang it on the rack and is using ratchet clamps from Lowes to secure it.

I tease her about being a quiltaholic but am very happy for her.

Great Quilters Website
by: Wendy

Lots of great Quilt patterns and instructions on my friends website - Generations Quilt Patterns.

Julie has been putting so much time into here site, with new block patterns... don't know quite where she finds the energy!

Julie has a Facebook page too. Join her Quilting Adventures here!

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