Retirement Hobby: Sewing

I always thought I'd be sewing my days away... as a kid, I dreamed of making things for my home and clothing too! I own a sewing machine and serger... but sewing just never quite happened.

If you enjoy sewing at home, this might be a great home business for you! Make items at home and sell them online... from the comfort of your Home Sweet Home!

You can also sew from home, then sell at summer markets, mom to mom sales, Christmas craft sales.

My niece (stay-at-home mom with two small children) did quite well with her products. She sells homemade kitchen she sews at home. She had an Etsy store, so that she didn't need a website but they do keep a small fee from each sale. You can do this too!

There are plenty of Facebook crafter groups, most with pretty strict rules on what you can and cannot post... but she makes lots of sales through those groups (and runs some) too!

Years ago, you'd only sell at garage sales or flea markets -- but today, there are so many ways to sell online!

Creative Sewing Ideas:

  • Sew neck wraps (filled with rice) that get microwaved for warm heat in the winter months. 
  • Sew simple items like kitchen hanging towels or door draft stoppers (long snake-like rolls to prevent drafts in the winter). 
  • Sew kids halloween outfits, all year long, and sell like crazy in September and October each year.
  • Use old blue jeans and make totes, hats, vests, whatever!

Here is another Amazon book to check out. Learn more about sewing for income!  ======>>  

Combine your hobby and income too in retirement!

Then again, are you clever enough to try making patterns: The Insider's Guide to Starting an Online Sewing Pattern Business