Retirement Hobby: Try Haiku

by Ruth Johnson

Haiku definition

Haiku definition

I am fortunate in two ways. Local Senior Center has a group meeting to stir up creative ideas in writing. The leader suggested we try Haiku (groans). Many days later, I tried it.

Wonderful . Wrote 10 and printed them. Gave a copy to daughter-in-law. Praises galore.

No Senior Center or lovely daughter-in-law? Start writing. Tell everyone. Suggest getting together to encourage others. You know the drill!

Sorry. You can"t have the daughter-in-law but your future groupies are out there waiting for you to find them. Go! Search!!!

Here are two of my Haiku's:

In my later years
I am happy that I am
In control of me

Bring back your childhood
To know the joy of playing
Is one of life's gifts

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Love your poem
by: Nikki

This haiku was very inspiring

by: Sharon I.

Thanks for your post, Ruth. Giving haiku a shot:

Retiring soon
Work a little or a lot
My choice and my blessing, too

by: Loyce Smallwood

Have FUN in and out of the sun. Enjoy cards indoors (or out); bowl that big ball down the lane. Crack those gleaming balls. Stay ACTIVE in mind and body. Fill your own well and it may spill over into others parched landscape, maybe.

Hey Loyce! Where is your Haiku poem?

My Retirement Haiku
by: Wendy,

Dare you to write your OWN Haiku below! Grin!

The definition (image) is on top of this page: 17 syllables in 3 lines: 5, 7, and 7. Try it! This might be fun!

p.s. A poet I am not! :)

Retirement ROCKS Later Life
Retired Power, Purpose
and Playtime Galore... Love It!

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