Retirement: I thought it was just me...

by Paul
(South Australia)

I came to this site in desperation, I'm TOTALLY fed up after 2 years of retirement.

I've spent a fortune on hobbies that I've not started, volunteered with a blind welfare group and bought a caravan. But nothing "gets" to me, still unfulfilled.

Going to a Pentecostal type church, appeals for the social inclusion, but I'm an atheist so that wouldn't work. Do they have churches for atheists?

Being a Vietnam veteran I tried joining veterans groups but those members are just plain depressing & living in the past .

Medication is next I guess. Will it get better then?

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Avoid Medication!
by: Anonymous

Please don't resort to medications. They do more harm than good, and if you don't believe me, please take a look at this website:

I understand your pain. I looked forward to retirement for many years and was blown away when it turned out to be nothing like I expected.

One of the problems was that I had been on an antidepressant to help me tolerate my job (or so I thought--there was actually an underlying medical problem) and I came off of it too fast (although I was following doctor's orders) and ended up sick for over three years.

Antidepressants change the structure of the human brain and it's a long tough journey while your brain repairs itself.

I'm not quite back to my old self even now, but there are days when I feel like my old self altogether, days that are so-so, and there's a bad day every now and then.

Aside from that, my main struggle was losing my identity as a professional. What has seen me through that is my Christian faith, which is far from solid and perfect.

I hope that you too will find some purpose greater than yourself to see you through.

by: Anonymous

Check with your local hospital and Dr. offices to see if there is a Courier Job available. I work from 4-6 p.m. five days a week (in my 15th yr) and love it.

One of my pickups is a teaching unit so there's always a turn over of younger Doctors and nurses and keeps me young. This week hasn't been great with our snow and I have one hill that is my nemises but so far so good.

Check for local Senior lunches, food isn't always the greatest but the companionship and being with adults is great.

Try this groups penpal section. I have a penpal that I've corresponded with for about 3 yrs. now from this group. We both just like to write letters, nothing romantic on either part.

Join at: --
then visit the PEN PAL tab!

I have been there.
by: Anonymous

After I retired I fell into a deep depression. I didn't know what to do with myself. I had been a workaholic all of my life and suddenly I had too much time and nothing to do.

I went back to work part time and now enjoy sleeping in and spending more time with new friends. It will take time to adjust but you will get there.

by: Goldie

Have faith my friend...things will get better!

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Does it get better?
by: Small Lee Anonymous

Paul, it did for me. For a long time I felt superfluous, a stranger in a strange land. No hobbies, volunteer work helped. I felt empty inside.

Because I was without work to fill me up , I did not know who I was. Terrifying, especially for a people person. I have never been to Vietnam , but I suffered with some of the same effects.

For the most part, they went unnoticed until I retired. Then the edginess began, the dissatisfaction, and , in time, the desperation. I went for counseling. I was terrified. Like you, I did not want to live In the past.

However, to my chagrin, I learned that it was still with me, like a live (albeit small) grenade. I wasn't going anywhere until that was disarmed.

Hello therapy, and, yes , medication for a while.

But, my brother, I don't live there anymore.

Things did not get better, I did!

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