Retirement: I was hoping to travel...

by Helen
(Montreal, Canada)

I was hoping to travel, but my husband don't like to travel! His idea of vacations was always time for fishing. I hate fishing, or I should say I hate the bugs by millions that come along with fishing! That is not my idea of a great vacation.

I would love to travel! So what are my options: get a divorce and start a new life with someone else? Or stay married and depressed for the rest of my life.

I got busy doing volunteer work for a daycare. It's all right, but there is still something missing in my life.

Any suggestions out there?

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by: Karen

Helen, is there a possibility you could combine the two loves? You could travel to a great place which has great fishing and you could sightsee while he fishes. My older sister used to do that with her husband all the time. He was a golfer, she was not. Other peoples advice about find a traveling buddy was great but wouldn't you rather spend the time/part time with your hubby?

Traveling with a Tour Group
by: Liz

My best suggestion would be to find a travel group
in your area that does short trips, long trips, whatever, and then find a friend to go with you
and maybe every other year let your husband go fishing and you go on a trip with the tour groups.
I'm single but have really enjoyed touring with a
group in my area in Georgia, USA. Going to Ireland with them this August.

Other Options...
by: Anonymous

Have you considered traveling with a female companion? There are groups like Journeywoman and others who review and recommend safe options for women. Some sites, cruises, etc. will match up singles. Do you belong to a Senior Center? Many offer trips - long and shorter. Church groups, etc. offer occasional senior trips. I do this when my husband has no interest in going somewhere that interests me.

As we age, it's important to make as many of our dreams come true as possible. We can control today, the future is out of our hands.I have a dying relative who is bitter and angry that she didn't stand up to her husband when she could.

Please think about possibilities and don't allow excuses to keep you from enjoying this special time of life.

Let him go fishing...
by: Anonymous


Please let him go fishing. Remember every time you catch a fish, just think if you open its mouth, you might find a silver doller in it. That is what Jesus's disciples found after Jesus told them to look there.

The fish is the oldest christian symbol in history - the ancient Christians used it to communicate with one another.

Please Helen let him go fishing and then just think how much more u will enjoy travelling, he want go fishing then...

keep well, Charles

Keep writing to others
by: Herb K.

Sorry about your not getting to travel... But I would like to trade you places for the fishing?
Fishing takes away all the worrys about life and you can enjoy nature also. I guess the only answer is to keep writing to me and we will travel on here.. LOL I can talk about travel or fishing.

by: Bruce

Take a lover, that loves to do the things that you enjoy and like to do. Life is too short to go through it unhappy. Let you husband how important this is to you and if he doesn't compromise the writing is on the wall.
Good luck

I was hoping to travel
by: Vera

Helen, By all mens tell your husband to go fishing. Find yourself a travel companion and travel to your heart's content. I wouldn't go fishing if that's not what you like.

If you can't find a travel companion, give me a call, I love to travel.

Lots of luck, Vera from Niagara Canada

hate fishing ?
by: Anonymous

Hello the funny side of this post is what should I do .................... you could go fishing with hubby somewhere secluded ... use him as fish bait haha then go traveling .... hope this makes you chuckle

Work as long as possible
by: Ray, Sydney Australia

Hello Helen,
I was in Canada on Teacher exchange in 2009 in Vancouver and loved it. I am looking at going to Saudi Arabia next year. Im in the twilight of my career now and making the most of it. Maybe you could do similar and work abroad of in Canada or USA doing work away from your husband and explore where and when you would like.

I hope that helps with an idea.

Regards Ray

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