Retirement in Mexico

Retirement in Mexico: Are You Interested?

Why even consider retiring in Mexico? Well, Mexico has a great climate (can you say Sunshine?) and a a rich cultural history. It's cheaper to live there so that your dollar goes further in retirement. There is also a low cost for labor so it's easy to find help (maid, gardener, home repairs). Plus life moves at a slower pace, there is no hustle and bustle to get anywhere!

Rick is retired and lived in Mexico! Rick will advise what he has learned about his new retired life in Mexico. Rick and his wife moved to Mexico from Nevada and he will share his retired life with you!

Update: Rick died in 2010... he retired young and died young. Just goes to prove you need to live each day to it's fullest.Rest in Peace, Rick....

Read about Rick, Retired in Mexico, here!

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