Retirement: iPlan B

by James

Do you have a plan B? When we retired I thought we had a pretty good plan.

Buy a small townhouse and live in the summer cottage (in the UP) the rest of the year. We have spent a considerable amount of time (and expense) getting everything just the way we want and its been great!

However, in the last couple of years, I've noticed a few problems.

Occasionally my left hand shakes, sometimes I lose my balance unexpectedly and a couple of other things that I´ll leave out. It wasn´t completely unexpected when the doctors told me I had Parkinson´s Disease. As the symptoms advance I see we may need to rethink our plan.

Can we still manage living in 2 places? Should we move to Florida (it would keep me more mobile in the winter)?

I read once, people that live best are the ones that know how to adapt to Plan B. I just need to figure out what that is going to be.

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James/Plan C
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear James: It seems that you are thinking clearly and have good ideas as to how to possibly proceed.

I assume your doctor has put you on a prescription that manages the shaking and reduces any muscle stiffness and coordination problems. And they do say that exercise can be helpful.

Of the possible Plan C choices you have suggested, which one do you think would cause you the least anxiety. Making the move to your townhouse certainly required a lot of readjustment-I don't know.

You have the option of spending most of this year exploring and researching where you think you could feel the most relaxed and carefree and then make a decision.

Keep us updated if you can. We are wishing you good choices for a manageable and enjoyable future. Blessings.

by: Anonymous

Yes for one who found a long time ago, as an RN, that those who live well the longest are those who can and will adapt, so I made those adaptations before I retired and still making some along the way and found this to be very true.

James/Michigan Plan B
by: Linda Lively

James...where is most of your family? Moving to Florida can be good or bad decision...where are you the happiest at present? I spent 5 yrs. in family is in the UP in Michigan..I am from northern Michigan. Tough winters up there but cost of living may be cheaper than Florida even with heating costs. Fire ants are horrendous in the south if you like to garden. I hope whatever decision you make it will be a good one for you.

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