Retirement is a big change!

by Cheryl
(Lanham, MD)

I first retired about 2 years ago (2014) from the Government. I decided to retire since I was tired of the hassle of the financial world and after 40 years decided it was time.

I wasn't prepared for the anxiety and depression that hit me shortly after I retired. I was so upset that I made a mistake retiring.

I looked for part time jobs and found one being a "shampoo" girl at a beauty shop. It was fun getting out and meeting people, but they only needed me maybe once a week or less, so it left a lot of time for me to be alone.

I'm not married, so I am alone at home. After about 2 years I finally started enjoying retirement and got used to having a lot of free time. I'm a Christian and had been praying that a part time job would come through and IT DID.

I got an email that NASA (which is right around the corner from my house and where I worked previously) was looking for part time help. I got the job and am very happy. I'll tell you though, I was getting used to staying home before I got this job!

All I can tell you is if you're feeling anxious and depressed after you retire just give yourself some time and expect that you will feel emotional.

You've spent most of your life working and it will feel very strange for a while, so expect it.

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Another Retired RN
by: Sue/League City

Small world! Well it was 44 years as an RN for me.

Harvey was actually a blessing as I had no flood insurance (hold the gasp), but I qualified for SBA loan. Although it took 6 months, I'm now in an almost entirely new house. And it's done the way I wanted, not thinking of resale value. I'm selfish in my old age-64!

It gives me hope to know this adjusting to retirement takes time. The added trauma of storm recovery, PTSD when it rains at night, etc. is also a component.

Thanks for your story and wanted you to know it encouraged me.

I'll stop being impatient with myself.

Happy for you
by: Sandy

Cheryl - I am happy that your retirement journey is going well and that things have worked out. So many of us deal with the anxiety and depression of retiring. Who knew????

It is always built up to be the best decision of a lifetime and we anticipate it with joy. Although true for some, it is a very unsettling place for others.

So glad this site exists so we can share our journeys!

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