Retirement is everything that I had hoped for -- and more!

by Craig Counters
(Bloomington, MN USA)

I had looked forward to my retirement since I first embarked on my career adventure.

Given my great hopes, the odds were probably tilted toward disappointment, but such was not to be the case. It has been everything that I had hoped for.

No nostalgia for the old workplace and former co-workers. All of that was pretty good at the time, but that time has passed and I have moved on to new experiences.

I am in no way bored with my retired life. I have plenty to do. Too much in fact.

I have read so many comments from disillusioned retirees that I can get rather upset with their occasionally petty griping. Accordingly, I have attempted to be more empathetic, but it has been tough to do because I love my retirement so much that I am mystified by those who seem to be put off by it.

Bottom line, at least for me, retirement has been a great reward for many years of work in middle management -- an often underappreciated and underpaid job. But, it was my decision, so no one to blame but myself.

Thus, given my lack of ardor for my career, my happy retirement is truly a blessing.

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I love Retirement
by: Anonymous

I have written about my Retirement on here before.

As of July 1, I have been retired for six wonderful years! I enjoyed working but I knew that there would be a life out there for me after retirement.

I am frugal and have been able to live within my means. I have been fortunate enough to travel some, go to lunch with my friends before the Pandemic, visit neighbors in the Nursing Home again before the Pandemic.

I now call and text my friends, read, watch TV, walk 2 miles every morning, play the piano badly, serve on several Boards, work in my yard! I have a good life and I feel blessed that I was one of the fortunate one who lived to see it.

I am 66 and so for I have lost 4 friends who worked with me.

I do not spend my time looking backwards....that part of my life is over and I am glad that I no longer have to get up early and get home late.

My time and my life are my own now...and I like/enjoy that.

Retirement is all I thought it would be and More!
by: Anonymous

I also read comments from others that are not happy with their retirement and cannot believe there are so many with these feelings.

I, like yourself, couldn't wait to move into this exciting new life stage and have enjoyed every minute. Can't believe its been almost five years. Wow!

I also enjoyed many relationships and friends I had while working along with a very rewarding job. But once I made the decision to retire at age 62, I never looked back or missed anything I left behind.

Retirement is like many things in life, its what "You make it". Between traveling, sports activities, home projects and Grandkids, I have managed to keep busy and enjoy every moment of my retirement.

Its sad that many others do not appreciate what they have worked for, for so many years and only complain about their past careers. Very sad and I thank God I'm not one of those people.

overall it is worth it
by: Jim - New York

I retired over 6 months ago. It is was not easy for me to retire after working so many years but I can honestly say it was the best thing for me to do. I also feel that I am blessed.

Retirement is everything that I had hoped for - and more!
by: Tammie

It’s nice to hear about positive experiences in retirement.

My husband’s job was eliminated and at age 62 he was facing a decision about retiring sooner. He worked in occupational therapy in middle management and the stress was outweighing the benefits. He decided he would retire and tells me he is glad he did.

He has been doing all these things he was unable to do before. He does home projects, babysits our grandson, meets up with friends and walks almost 5 miles daily losing 20 pounds.

Yes, I’m glad he is happy and took this chance to enjoy life.

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