Retirement is fun?

by Anonymous

I sympathize with those people who are having a hard time dealing with retirement.

My job was eliminated in June, 2014. I am 65 and planned (tentatively) to retire at 66. My severance package brings me to within 3 weeks of turning 66 and collecting social security.

I am lucky - I have two brothers, a husband, and three children (as well as a very mature 9 year-old grand-daughter) who have been helping me with the anxiety and depression I have been feeling since a month or so before I retired. I saw my family doctor, am on an anti-depressant and also go to counseling, as well as taking anxiety medication in the morning, which appears to be the worst time of the day for me.

I am flabbergasted at what has happened to me. I had a stressful job and was looking forward to retirement. Now that it is here, I don't know how to deal with it - I have hobbies - I just don't have the drive or energy to pursue them.

I am fortunate in that I have been able to take 2 short vacations since retirement, but am back in the same slump when I am home.

I am working very hard to overcome my anxiety and depression. I work out at the wellness center 6 days a week, volunteer at a thrift store 3 mornings a week, occasionally volunteer at an assisted living facility, do most of the yardwork (we live in the country and have a huge yard), and take frequent drives with my husband who is also retired.

I also pray a lot for God's help. I will include you in my prayers. Thank you.

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by: Anonymous

Have you tried enjoying some TV? There are lots of entertaining shows on.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

ANONYMOUS - your situation will get better - trust me -You have a large family who love you and are there for You. WOW how fortunate are you!

Start taking life a little EASIER ~ Slow down, you have nothing to prove, especially to yourself- you have done your time.

RELAX - ENJOY - be HAPPY... start teaching your grandaugher how to bake, sew, cook, crochet, do the laundry - whatever. Before you know it, time flies by and all youu have left are MEMORIES.

Go for more walks with hubby - prepare more of your favourite meals & enjoy with a glass of wine or a beer- life is not a dress rehearsal & way too SHORT, so focus on a wonderful retirement !

Retirement adjustment
by: Nancy

You are exactly where I was. I know what you mean about the stressful job and then missing it when you are gone.

Mornings were the worst for me as well. I would wake up at 4:00 with a blast of pain, knowing I didn't have a job to go to. This thankfully passed.

You are doing all the right things, keeping busy. People gave me advice: get a job, get a volunteer job. You are doing that, volunteering. Also keeping busy. You are fortunate you have lots of family support.

You will get better. I did.

I will keep you in my prayers as well.

A thought
by: Anonymous

Anonymous, your life mirrors mine to some extent. I found by working in a organization where I work one on one with a person in need gives me purpose. More so than other forms of volunteer work.

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