Retirement: It Isn't So Great Afterall

by Charles H.

I just couldn't wait until I reached retirement age. Now I'm there and it's not so great.

I was diagnosed with adult ADHD and clinical depression at age 35. It turns out I've had it all my life which explains why I had trouble in school. Adding retirement to the mix has greatly exacerbated my symptoms.

Other factors have added to stress and anxiety as well. My wife owns a business that requires most of her time and I help as much as I can. We have lost three brothers in law, one cousin, and an uncle within a two year span.

These sad events happen to everyone but each time it reminds us of our own mortality and leaves us to wonder, "how much time do I have left?"

The best way to deal with any depressive or anxiety producing issue is to stay busy and don't dwell on it. Sometimes that's easier said than done, especially if you're in a deep depressive funk.

My Dad had a great saying that is very fitting for these depressive episodes, "If you're waist deep in a!!igators its hard to remember that your primary objective was to drain the swamp".

I won't give up the fight. I will do what I must to survive.

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by: Wendy

Yes, if you've had a lifetime of depression, retirement (at first) won't help your mood...

HOWEVER, it might be the key to finally living your own life. No longer tied to a job, no time tables to work under, the world of hobbies and personal interests is wide open to you. Seriously....

Think of something you really enjoyed as a child -- something you long ago abandoned when life became real (you worked, married, raised a family, whatever). Consider doing that long lost interest again... maybe in a different manner, taking a class, joining a group who has the same interest, starting your own group to chat about whatever-it-is, just getting back into life but on your own terms.

Just saying this just MIGHT be a blessing in disguise... how might you use your retirement to become what you were meant to be ADHD or not?

How can you creatively do something to help others or bring smiles to people?

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