Retirement, it was time...

by Sally

After 37 years working for the same job, I had many wonderful and yet difficult experiences.

This was a very stressful job dealing with the public. I felt appreciated and rewarded most of the time, but in the last year, due to cost cutting measures, they had taken away overtime, and yet required I work anyway. (I was in a lower management position so did not have the same rights as the unionized employees.)

My job duties were changed, requiring me to work more in the employee auditing and appraisal areas, duties which I disliked.

On top of that, my health had changed. I had developed minor arthritis and felt low on energy.

I calculated how much my retirement would be, and realized I was working for $500.00 monthly, since they had cut the overtime. I decided it was not worth getting my sore legs up every day and dragging myself to work for an extra $500.00 monthly.

My boss was totally shocked when I told her I was retiring. They were sure I would work until the building disappeared.

I gave them a month's notice. I hated to leave the people I worked with, as they were a great bunch and really made me feel appreciated. But I had lost the joy and energy and just wanted out.

The employees threw a great office party. They knew I had just had my first grandchild and wanted to see him, so bought me gifts for traveling-travel alarms, luggage, and soaps.
They inscribed a plaque to me with everyone's group photograph.

My last day I lounged around the office enjoying the potluck luncheon they gave me, and finished cleaning out my desk.

The next day my daughter came to visit me and all I did was sleep in and eat healthy snacks.

My greatest anticipated joy of retiring was to turn off the alarm clock and not have to get up.

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Retirement: Hoorah for Change
by: Anonymous

I think many times after working at a job for a great many years it's hard to realize that the job has changed, and that we as people have changed, and with increasing years. We begin to have that trapped feeling that we have to accept the changes and there's no way out. I'm sure she
had many of these feelings after 37 years on the job.

We do not always have to accept going on with a job forever but need to get ourselves in a frame of mind to really peruse our situation and decide is this the right time to change my life and serve "me" for awhile.

It is wonderful after the many disciplined years of working at a job to be able to enjoy the benefits of leisure or choice of what we want to do. I'm glad she decided to make that change and enjoy not having to press the stop on that alarm clock anymore and can snooze a little or drink that extra cup of coffee or whatever.

It's a time of change for us so let's get out and enjoy some changes, new hobbies, new friends, new places.

Open invitation
by: Anonymous

I liked shally's decision. She has been a good worker so her co-workers appreciated and felt that a good friend is leaving.

She is happy and now free to travel, read and enjoy as she likes.

I wish that she remain active and develop some hobby, her grand children will like her and her stories. Her neighbours will be happy with her support and her friends will like to get some time of her.

With best wishes.

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