Retirement Jobs

Do you need or want a retirement jobs, after you retire? You can just fall into a job after retirement (assuming you are that lucky) - or you can think ahead and plan a bit for it.

No Brainer, Fun, Part Time Retirement Jobs:

Are you looking for a no-brainer "fun" part time job? Lots of folks just love part-time "fun" jobs. They are tired of the rat race at work, want something totally different and don't want the challenges they did years ago.

For example, Jerry was a manager in a small plant, loved his job, retired early when the plant moved out of state. He now works at Sam's Club for $10/hour... and absolutely loves his work. It's a fun job. He considers himself fortunate to have found a great part-time job that suits him perfectly!

Part time with the same company or even the same job:

Others might like their job, or the company they are working for, but they feel ready to step back a bit and smell the roses. Do you enjoy your employment enough to want to stay on a part - time basis with your current employer? Would your boss consider you as a part time employee?

Could you possibly work through a Job Share where you work part time hours and another person works the opposite hours (no fringe benefits for the employer to pay so its great for them, and yet the position is covered by two competent and ready-to-go employees)!

Look at different departments - talk to folks who might have a hand in helping you find a part time opening. Tell management you'd consider returning as temporary help if the need arises (employee on sick leave, new project, busy seasons).

Jackie from Florida has worked for an Attorney for many years. She worked five days a week for years, and now, at 65, she works two days a week. Perfect for her financial needs!

New Occupations, totally different retirement job:

Think about the reality of new occupations. If you really want to start something completely new, think about the downsides of it -- before you start taking classes or whatever is necessary to secure this new work.

If you've never worked at night or on weekends, think about the hours of this new possible job. Does the new job require really long days? (you might not be into that in your retirement years)

Can you really get a retirement job later (after all the classes)? How open is the new field or is it filled with qualified younger folks already? I'm not being negative here -- just think logically.

If you really are up for a totally new challenge in life,Upgrade your skills, if necessary, and GO FOR IT!

The question isn't at what age
I want to retire,
it's at what income.
-- George Foreman

George re-invented himself with George Foreman Grills -- you can too!

What is right for you -- retire now or consider working longer with a new Retirement job?

Start your own Business:

Debbie retired as a tax consultant. She retired and moved to a large, but old run down house, to open a Bed and Breakfast. I often wonder WHAT make Deb think she could do that? How did she know HOW to set up that business? HOW to hire a cook and set up a restaurant? She must have researched, and dreamed... and guess what? She is living her dream in retirement. She is quite a success in the small town she is located in, and visitors travel to stay there from a large tourist area nearby. Deb had purchased antiques for years. She had even purchased fabric at sales. Many years later, she lives the dream! She read, planned, dreamed -- and actually lives the dream! I love that!

Finally, consider a retirement job on the internet (like I did!) Yes, that really is possible. This is not hype like most stay-at-home opportunities are. This is real.. I do it and you can too.

I make new websites. Sounds too easy? It is lots of work... this is no get-rich-quick scheme.. don't you hate those gimmicks that never work?

I have a small home business that I can do from the comfort of my home, or on vacation (just take my laptop with me) and all I do is write about retirement (and pen pals). My Solo Build It website does the work getting me listed in search engines so that folks can find me. Finally, I add a few google ads, and I have a passive income from home.

What will YOU retire to?

Happy Writing! Wendy