Retirement life in Alabama

by velia Elias
(Toney AL, USA)

I recently moved from california to this beautiful State.

Green everywhere, birds, so much wild life, this is paradise.

i hope i can finish my days here. 😉

i have rescued two beautiful donkeys.

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Re: Retirement life in Alabama
by: George Munkachy

Glad to have you in our fair State! I retired here after military service; took me a while to acclimate but at this point I would not want to be anywhere else! Enjoy!

by: Cindi H, Ohio

So glad to hear you have moved somewhere you love. We moved to Ohio 2 years ago and I'm still in love with all the flowers up here and the greenhouses and wineries (even though I don't drink) and being a short distance from Lake Erie, which I see every day. I feel like we're on permanent vacation.


Tell us more about Alabama and your donkeys
by: Michael - Upstate NY for the summer!


I would love to hear more about your beautiful area of Alabama. Tell us more about how you came to rescue your donkeys and what they have taught you.

I spend my summers in upstate New York. I often see deer crossing the road and cows and horses in the fields. Yesterday, as I was driving from my farm to my home, I was almost hit by a cow running into the road!

I felt bad for the farmer who was attempting to corral the animal and get him back to the barn!

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