Retirement: Life in the Slow Lane

by BJ

Over the past few years, It has been a lot harder to find things to occupy myself with.

My day usually starts off the same. Wake up and eat breakfast of course. I actually have found that since my retirement I have cooked breakfast more often then not. I try to spend time and care making my meals instead of having a microwaveable meal.

I try to go on a short walk once a day. It keeps my health up as well as keeping my mind clear.

I have a few new hobbies I have started. I rather enjoy coins. I have a large collection that I've had for many years. I like to think there is a story to every one. Some are old, Some new, and they each have something to show. How they got to be where they are. All the places they have been. And how many different people it has been through. I find it all pretty neat and very enjoyable. It honestly takes up a lot of my time.
I have also taken up on reading, which I do every night before I go to bed.

Days feel much longer than they used to. One thing that I have learned from growing old is that the smallest things in life are the most enjoyable and worth while.

That if you slow down, everything you do becomes so much more fulfilling.

Taking a walk every day is a very precious thing to me. When I was younger, I despised of it.

I do enjoy my retirement because it has made some positive changes in myself and things that I do.

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