Retirement Living in Chicago: Living in my Home

by Dottie

I retired part time, when I was 75, I could not bear the thought of retiring completely. I still work thirty hours, so I don't know for sure if I qualify.

I teach school, as I did for fifty years. I did not move although I could have, and applied to an elementary school at my new location. I did however, own my own building, the income was good, I had a lovely garden, had lived there forty some years, and had three cats and one pit bull.

My home pretty much of everything I wanted, so I did not choose to move, plus Simon, my pit is not really friendly to strangers. But if you play ball with him you will have a friend for life. As a matter of fact I play ball every day.

My patio is a place where you want to spend your days, reading, gardening, and just enjoying the sun. I only work three and one half days a week, so I have wonderful hours to enjoy my retirement.

I live in Chicago, in a lovely neighbourhood, where almost everything you want or need is accessible to you. I also drive and fortunately I can go where I want, any time I want. I am financially able to be independent.

I am very lucky and I am very grateful. When You retire you go through some mental change, thoughts change, long term plans are distant, but I felt staying in my own home and so a little side work I would feel better about myself. I did not have to do much to my house, but I did get one of those alarm buttons, in case you fall, as I live alone.

I hated that thing, but I wore it. It's funny how your thinking changes, at first it is like you life is over, but slowly you adjust and get used to it. But I will tell you that most retired people I know would rather be working.

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Pacific needs
by: Anonymous

Hello! I read your post and immediately I thought if only Chicago is closer to my home island. We really could use your expertise in teaching. I am sure you will enjoy the simple life too.

The 76 students are on break now but summer reading camp will start soon so once again the small elementary school will come alive with sounds of youngters.

Thanks for sharing. I wish you the best in future endeavors. Take care.

Somply wonderful
by: Ashfaq Gulzar

I feel it is simply wonderful that a persons has the resources but still he love to work, teaching is wonderful and most responsible job. Such persons are wonderful. I pray for his long and happy life.

Re Living in my home town
by: terry baker

Not too sure about the comment most retired people `would rather be working!` for myself I would rather be playing anyday!

Lets see what are the alternatives to working...going for a day out at the seaside when ever you want...enjoying hobbies such as dancing.model building..gardening.. flying... penfriends... the list is endless haven't even begun to scratch the surface, how can you enjoy all the things you want to still do while still working?

There just is not enough time... my advise is get in the groove straight away do all those things you wont be able to do in a few years time. The only thing makes me hesitate is `bungee jumping` as I am already 6 feet 3 inches I really don't need to be any taller!

Dottie in Chicago
by: Kae from Canada

Hi Dottie
I enjoyed reading your post. It is inspiring to hear such a positive viewpoint. Chicago has a very famous reputation and quite a number of interesting things have taken place in your beautiful city, in the past.

I'm thankful that a person who comes across so positive, resourceful and open to life is also a teacher. Teachers have such a huge responsibility and make quite an impression on younger minds. It's been a pleasure.

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