Retirement Location: Arkansas

by Pam A
(Arkansas, USA)

My choice was not difficult. My parents lived in Arkansas so therefore I made a choice to stay there before retiring my dad took sick and I was his caretaker.

I retired because I was tired of working and old enough.

After my father died I took care of my mother, she was a joy .... we would go shopping, we took train rides to other states. She and I were not just mother and daughter we were friends. My dad left her a large house with lots and money. Mother never worked as it was hard for her to adjust it took her several years to learn how to take charge of the money, house, and anything else. Dad took care of everything.

My husband had a home built for us which I did not want because we were too old and the other house we lived in was paid for. Now I am looking for a part-time job the cost of living is too much for me.

I do not have enough money to shop, buy clothes, go to movies, or any fun things that I use to do. The house is larger than our old house, with a second floor just what I need another floor to clean, and go up stairs in the computer room.

I found a job on line one night when I was searching for work at home jobs. It is just okay nothing to write home about it will do until I find something else. I would rather work at home.

Gas is so expensive. My car stopped running I did not any extra money to have it repaired, my husband finally had some of the items fixed on it. He purchased four new tires and other things that it needed. I finally got everything fix.

I still have not gotten use to being retire nor this life style. Some nights I stay up praying for a job . This is the first time I have put anything in writing. Can not see what I am saying and I don't know how many mistakes, nor how many words I have written, since I could not cut and paste.

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Making Money
by: Anonymous

You make it clear that your father has died, but I am not sure whether your husband is alive or not.
Why not get someone to live with you to share your housing expenses? Or, if your area is a good place to retire, why don't you do fee-based consulting for seniors interested in moving to your area?
I understand where you are coming from. I thought I would be comfortable financially, but I am not, thanks to unexpected illness.

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