Retirement Location:
Bridle Wood Community, VA

I live in a 55 and older community called Bridle Wood, VA. The reason why I chose to retire here was because it was close to most of my family.

Before I moved into the development for seniors, I lived in a much bigger home with an upstairs, downstairs, an attic, and a basement.

Now I have a much smaller house where everything is centered on one floor and I only have a basement.

The major thing that thing that really made me move to the home that I am in now is mostly my family and my health. I used to live pretty far away from my family, about thirty miles. And they all live in a ten mile radius of each other. So when they all grew up and moved that far away, I was a little crushed. That was one of the first things that had influenced me to move. Now I live about five miles away from each of them. And there’s no more long car rides for any of us anymore.

And the other reason why I moved was because I started having trouble walking up and down stairs because of my knees and walking far distances to get across the house. If I walk a far distance I start having breathing problems especially going up and down stairs. Now I only have one staircase and that’s just to get to the basement.

I have not made to many adjustments around the house besides actually downsizing the house a lot. Since mostly everything is on one floor I do not need to adjust to the house too much. The only thing that I really need to worry about is going up and down the stairs but there really isn’t much to my basement so I don’t need to worry about it too much.

I also did not make many big financial changes. I’m actually spending a little bit more money than I used to now that I am retired.

Being retired and living in this new home is great and I love it.

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