Retirement Location: Maybe San Diego?

by Elana G
(Whitestone, NY)

I am just retiring now after 31 years as a NYC public school teacher. I love New York, and have friends and family here, but I hate the winters.

I do not like Florida - too humid, not really for me. I was looking for a place to spend the month of February- I feel that some depression that I suffer from gets worse in the winter as well.

I've decided to try spending February in San Diego, CA. I've vacationed there a few times, and love the vibe of the city. So--- I went on Airbnb and found myself a studio apartment in the back of a private house - and I rented it for this coming February (2016). I know this was a bit impulsive, but I felt that if I didn't just do it, it might not happen.

Anyway, fingers are crossed that I will have a good experience, and enjoy leaving frozen NYC behind for 29 days (2016 is a leap year....)


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by: Sarah

You will love San Diego!

Elana's plans
by: Linda Lively

Elana good for you!! I have done impulsive things and sometimes it worked, some times not...but I do like San Diego so you can't miss. Try to see if Anthony's Fish Grotto is still coleslaw ever and Good Luck!

I can relate!
by: bernie / seattle

Hi Elana-

I now live in Seattle where I just retired after 40 years of teaching. This will be my first "beginning of school year" that I'll miss in a long while. I'm looking forward to retirement and would love to speak with you about the issues you are having.

Before moving to Seattle to teach in an independent school I lived in San Diego for 7 years and taught there as well. It's a wonderful place in February and the city has a lot to offer, although it can depend on where exactly you are in San Diego.

I love that you are willing to take the risk and move to the other side of the country and if I can be of any help I wold love to hear from you.


San Diego
by: Jan/AL

I'm quite sure you will enjoy your visit. So much to see and do in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Try Carlsbad for a good source of beach walking and finding great sea shells. There's a nice little aquarium in La Jolla at the Scripp's College there. And so many things to do in San Diego itself. Have fun.

Retirement Location/vacation
by: Janet

This sounds like good news, first of all congratulations on your retirement. I'm happy to hear that you found a wonderful place to spend your retirement during the month of February. You will get away from the bitter cold. Enjoy and have lots of fun. Thanks for the reminder of Leap Year!

Good idea
by: Nancy

You are being proactive in beating the depression blues. Sounds like a fun thing to do!

San Diego calls you
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MAY

Dear Elana:

You are following your heart, which is smart. I hope you eventually give us feedback and updates.

Decisions, commitments, and action are powerful energies and can do wonders for us especially when we choose something we enjoy.


by: Loyce!

What do NYers do in the winter? Most prob have to remain in place. You'll be warmer in SD but the downside is you'll leave your friends in NY so we are really always adapting. Winters are mild here in Auburn, CA so I try to adapt and remain active and grow/glow where I've planted myself as my friends/neighbors/endeavors/aviary are where I wish to be connected and could not imagine uprooting.

Is San Diego the right clue for your retirement plan?
by: Joe

Everyone of us sometimes get these 'inner messages' that could be significant hints to our own self-discovery and possible self-actualization.

I'm based in Canada and I visited San Diego sometime ago. I traveled there in the month of August which was relatively warm. I had an early 'bucket list' in my 20's and I wrote down the City of San Francisco not San Diego even though I managed to do side trips to San Diego and Los Angeles. But, like Tony B. sings if I had a choice I think I would choose,"I left my heart in San Francisco."

Good Luck with your trip to San Diego and I hope you will now be able to write down your own personal retirement plan.

Joe W.

Maybe San Diego?
by: Winifred/Michigan

I understand exactly what you're saying! I live in another winter-weary state, Michigan, and have been thinking about snowbirding somewhere warmer. Problems- when...January or February? Where...Arizona, Texas, Myrtle Beach, Florida? Cost..??? I know I'll have to make up my mind soon to get a good deal. I hope to extend the getaway to 3 months if I canafford it. It's a big decision...

good for you
by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

love it when people do the things that matter no matter what age they are. Good for you and I do hope you enjoy your month in San Diego. I lived there many many years ago but it has grown and changed a lot I have not doubt.
Perhaps you will find a perfect place for you year round. When I moved to Washington State in 2001 I was not sure, but so glad I am here. We do have quite a bit of rain in the winter, but not a lot of severe cold and the springs and summers and falls are worth it all. And you can go in about any direction and find anything you might want to see or do. So if you consider a permanent move you might want to look at Washington State, the Western side not the Eastern as they get very very hot in the summer months.

San Diego rocks!
by: Wendy

WOW... what a fabulous place to spend a month in the winter. You'll love it. The weather is just so perfect and blue skies, sunshine, fun!

Good for you!

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