Retirement: Make New Routines

by Beaker/Ontario

I retired in May 2017 after 26 years in the same job. It was a huge transition for me and it took a couple of months to adjust.

You have to make new routines. I joined a Yoga class 2x a week, I signed up to volunteer at an elementary school, meet friends for coffee, meet co-workers and retired co-workers for lunch. I read, crochet. The freedom is great - no rushing around on your lunch break or after work to get things done - can do your shopping, schedule appts at anytime.

I planned my retirement for 6 years, so I did not make a spur of the moment decision. I also live in a snow belt and looking forward to not having to commute to work in a snow storm!

My best advice is to keep to a simple routine (one that can be adjusted to suit). If you like volunteering there are countless opportunities! Good luck! This is a great web site of info!

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Make New Routines
by: Sherry/NC

Yes, it takes time to adjust to a new routine when you retire after all it is a new way of life, but you can do it! I did!!

I truly love the freedom.

I do volunteer work 2x a week; go to exercise class 3x a week; breakfast with friends 1x weekly; help neighbors when needed, right now I am walking a neighbor's dog once a day. There is lots to do.
Keeping up house work, ugh!!

I love this website and Wendy!! She is entertaining and I love her travel stories!! Thank you, Wendy.

Enjoy the season, it sparkles!!

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