3 Retirement Mistakes During the Retirement Transition Period

Do you want to know what I believe are the three retirement mistakes we make when first retiring?

So many newly retired people fall into anxiety when they retire. Recognize that anxiety and anxious feelings are normal as you retire. This IS a major life change!

Just like the transition from the learning years to employment, or single to married, or married with no kids to a family... a big adjustment is ahead. You've conquered life before and you will do so again. 

Open the door and step into a new retirement lifestyle!

This lifestyle adjustment is not bad, simply different...  a new life, a new chance to be who you choose to be in retirement!

OK, on the Top Three Mistakes in Retirement:

Retirement Mistake #1: 

 You believe that this retirement anxiety, stress and/or depression is yours and yours alone. You are the only one who finds retirement as a dark unhappy place to be. Everyone else who retired is happy… at least they look happy, right?

Yikes! If you believe Mistake #1, think again... visit my Retirement Anxiety page and read the many anxiety stories retirees have written AND the advice left by "been there and done that" retirees.

Retirement Mistake #2: 

You choose to remain home with nothing to do as you sink deeper and deeper into the black pit. You need rest, you are burned out from years of stressful employment. It’s so easy to turn on the tv and sink into that couch potato mode. You communicate with very few former co-workers as you find out they were only work friends, and family is still busy working. Sound familiar?

Retirement Mistake #3:  

You’ve lost your work identity and you think you are now a nobody. You introduce yourself:  “Hello! I am Jack (or Jill) from —nowhere—. It is true, you are no longer the job, but was that ever truly you? I hope not. That was simply your occupation, one of many identities you hold over a lifetime. Right?

I believed that my job truly was my life. I worked for 35 years with local government, the last 25 years as the Retirement Manager. I loved helping new retirees as they struggled through the decisions of retirement! I’ve transitioned nicely to an online business (you could too), and now I can introduce myself as “Hello! I’m Wendy from Retirement Online”. Life is good.

Get back in the game!
A New Retirement Identity awaits you!

These three Retirement mistakes are costing you your happiness! There is still lots of life to live. Get back in the game — as fast as you can. You can do this!

Here are a few ideas to get you moving in the right direction. Move towards the true freedoms of Retirement and the New YOU:

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  • First, consider my Kindle book to see that this is NOT just you. Break free with the realization that many are working through the retirement transition period just like you, and know there is more to come! Many more retirees suffer, share their stories and consider the simply ideas to break out of this anxious mode.
  • Second, Get out of the house. Even if you are an introvert like  me, we still need people. Schedule a few lunches with family and friends. Get out and walk in the sunshine, or at the local mall if the weather is bad… just get out. Chat with people everywhere — compliment the clerk at the grocery store and make her day, ask the Walmart greeter for directions to find something. Just  start a conversation, however brief, with people you run into. It brings a smile and warmth to their face and has to help you too.
  • If you have the chance to help someone, do it. We didn’t have the time when employed full-time but we do now. Stop and help an elderly person get their groceries into the car. Mow your neighbors lawn while they are working, it really only takes you a few minutes longer. Just DO something for your community, it’s called GIVING BACK!
  • Finally, Find a new identity… who are you?  Are you the guy who loves to walk his dog down the block?  Are you volunteering for a community organization?  Would you like to start a new home-based business?

This is my Business-In-A-Box... my websites! 

You can start your own small business like I did. Start small, work if and when you want to, find motivation & direction in life, find new friends networking, and earn some supplemental retirement income too. Find lots of business ideas at:      

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