Retirement & Money Worries

by Ann

I am a retired teacher. I took voluntary redundancy at 52 and I have now enjoyed being at home for five years.

Trouble is, I worry about whether I can pay any big bills that come along. I decorated our home on a shoestring budget. My husband is now retired too so there is no hope of getting any 'extra' money.

Living in an old house I am terrified we will not be fit to cope with any major expenses and our old windows are leaking and we cannot repair them.

I am saddened that life has become dull and my expectations have lowered considerably. I am happy enough and very aware that there is more to life than money. But it is hard not to have fun or excitement in your life.

No hope of any holidays and something which really brings tears to my money to give our two children decent weddings.

I dearly wish I had saved more while I was working but it took all our joint incomes to get by as it was. My own brothers and sisters have disposable incomes and I cannot help but feel the poor relation.

I need to shake myself by the shoulders and thank goodness for health and happiness and a loving family. Why does retirement have to be an end to the sparkle in a person's eye?

Prepare for this even small amounts and do as much as you can while you can...both physically and financially.

Wendy Have you ever considered returning to work. It sounds like you are only 57 now, you could still work 5 years, 10 years... or simply long enough to get new windows, whatever you choose! You don't have to go back into teaching, maybe you tutor kids from your own home, work at the local library, take a clerk job or work in a store... something to keep busy and bring in a few extra dollars. Just an idea...

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Hurry! Go Back To Work!
by: Anonymous

Ann, you are definitely too young to be sitting at home and not working at some other job. Maybe your husband could also get another job. People here don't retire until around age 66, and even then they go on to work at other jobs, even part-time jobs. This is how they can afford to maintain their homes and take vacations.

I hope you will consider visiting your local government employment office to look into going back to work. You need stimulation and mental challenges once again.

Best of luck and let us know if you find another profession for the next 10 years.

Wendy Just an FYI, I retired at 55, quite happy with it, but I do "work" on my website. Since this post says people don't retire until 66, some do, some don't... and I am one who could retire early.

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