Retirement: Move forward, Don't look back

by john shu
(st augustine, fl)

i retired after 21 years in the military. It was false sense of security, but real sense of monetary security.

Get connected with current life in every way. you make your own schedule, and do your own things. go to school, get employed, travel, spend time with your family. biggest thing get busy. checkout your financial situation, work from there. the military will not make you rich but afford you a good life. spend time with your young adults, work on yourself. go to the gym, get involved in your civilian associations, don't hang around military bases. move on, reflect but don't hang back there.

move forward. become bigger than you are. take real chances, don't belittle yourself. get therapy if need from a civilian therapist, make a connection. Be good to yourself. Nowadays there no guarantees with a college degree, work from that education.

Apply yourself in life in every way. don't look back look forward and be realistic.

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Like your Words
by: Sophia

I totally agreed with your words:


In fact I would say "Be Realistic, move forward and dont look back" Any difference to you?

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