Retirement Move from Minnesota to Florida

by Allen


I and my wife moved from Minnesota a few years ago for retirement.

The winter in Minnesota... yeah you know what it's like, cold--Florida climate is way better.

We particularly like Jacksonville, but eventually moved to the Tampa Bay area. It was hard to make the decision though.

Some of my friends suggested Vero Beach, you may want to check it out too. The entire Florida seemed just nice!

Oh, I should start talking about Tampa Bay, you can choose to live in smaller towns, if St. Pete is not your cup of tea. It's not very much of a 'peaceful' area in my opinion, but there is pretty much to do.

It has activities for all ages! For example, the Performing Acts, where you can see quite good shows and concerts. And if you love sport you will love Tampa Bay, there are a wide range of sports available to choose from, from fishing to sailing etc.

Or if you're not really into water sports there are professional baseball and football teams. Golf is a real treat too!

The area is nothing less than stunning, it's like everything's there.

You can find some family fun at theme parks and attractions easily too. And I forgot, the people are quite friendly, you will surely blend in, in no time.

We are currently living in a rented apartment and quite happy with it. The rental prices are reasonable and you can be confident that a suitable place for you is affordable. So what do you think?

Hope I helped you. Have fun moving!

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