Retirement Move:
How to Ship Your Car

by Sam

Whether you're planning a Florida vacation or you'd like to make the state your permanent home, there are several ways to get both you and your car there. For those in the Northeast, Amtrak car shipping offers a great alternative to a long drive.

Providing non-stop service from Lorton, Virginia, to Sandford, Florida, Amtrak car shipping is a different way to travel that does come with a lot of benefits for both vacationers and those moving to the Sunshine State. Let's take a look at both.


Anyone moving to Florida from the Northeast will need to not only get their belongings to the state, but also their vehicles, as well. Depending on the time of year involved, the trip can be a bit grueling. With ice and snow likely through to North Georgia, the trip is a real pain in the colder months. It can even be a hassle in the warmer months as the drive can be pretty long.

Amtrak car shipping takes the worry of driving off its passengers while also making sure one of the most important items in a move makes it to its destination. Both owner and vehicle can travel together on the same train. While the vehicle is moved stress-free, the owner can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery on the non-stop train to Sandford.

While outside luggage racks cannot be used, Amtrak car shipping does allow passengers to load up their vehicles. This means important items don't have to be shipped without you, which is a huge benefit.

Located just outside of Orlando, Sandford is a fantastic stop for anyone moving to Florida. The city is centrally locating, making it an easy drive to virtually every Florida location. With Amtrak car shipping handling the haul, anyone moving will find they avoid the long-distance jaunt and can make it to any destination within the state in a few hours.


Amtrak car shipping is also a favorite of vacationers. By offering a quicker way to get both a car and a family to the Sunshine State without having to hit the open road themselves, the train drops off visitors right in the heart of Florida's major attractions. Sandford might not be a well-known destination, but its location makes it perfect for this type of service.

Sandford itself is home to a well-respected zoo and is known for some beautiful old Florida scenery. Right near this city, vacationers will also find Daytona Beach in one direction and Orlando in the other. It's also a very easy drive from Sandford to reach such vacation destinations as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, St. Augustine and even Sarasota.

The train works very well for those who want to have their car with them on vacation, but who don't want to make the entire drive themselves. In fact, the train can provide an interesting view along the route and with it an ability to kick back and relax rather than worry about the rules of the road.

Whether it's for moving or vacationing, Amtrak car shipping is a good way to make it from the Northeast to Florida without having to do all the driving. The service isn't for those who feel half the fun in a trip is the journey itself, but it sure can take the worry off those who prefer not to make long-distance treks.

Wendy's Two Cents: WOW. Thanks Sam! Great info!

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How to Ship Your Car

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by: Barbara in Florida

Great post! Amtrak needs more auto-trains!

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