Retirement Move made me Happy

by Sam

I retired five years ago from my job as a government prosecutor in Harrisburg, PA. I had long since decided to move "home" to the area where I grew up, which is northeasern Washington State.

Eventually I purchased a small condo just a few blocks from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. As it happens that is my alma mater, and it somehow felt comfortable to be back. Also, I have many lifelong friends here, despite the fact that I spent 20+ years on the east coast.

I should note that I am divorced and my one child lives in Seattle, so moving bck west had the added benefit of putting me closer to family, as well. I chose Spokane because it is a small city that has most of the amenities I want, but is small enough that I can get out of town for recreation in just a few minutes.

It is a conservative area, which is sometimes bothersome, but it is also pretty peaceful. The outdoor recreation is awesome and was another reason for coming back here as I ski, sail and bike whenever I can. Finally, the cost of living here is generally pretty low. Taken on balance, I am very satisfied with my decision and would do it again.

Finally, when I moved I get extremely brutal with my belongings. Most of my furniture and books went to various charities and I basically arrived with my clothes, as few odds and ends of furniture, and personal items such as photos, computers, ets.

It made the move a whole lot easier and I've never been too attached to "stuff." I'm a happy guy.

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