Retirement Move to Orlando (from Tennessee)

by Bill W
( Florida)

I retired a bit earlier than most, age 50, and decided I would move to Orlando because I just love the sun. Not only is it really a great place to live, but the beach isn’t far away.

I like going to the beach because I am big into beach volleyball and this is an important part of my life, both to watch and to play as best as I can.

I had a few old friends also living in the area before I moved down to Orlando which made the move a little easier on me.

Orlando has so many great houses lined around the city, you can chose almost anything to live in, and the houses just get bigger and bigger. My house is about three thousand square feet and was built by some French designer.

While there isn’t really anything special about the house, the man did do a great job about giving me a fantastic view out over Orlando.

The city is so pretty to look at and to tell the truth, the view is the whole reason I bought the house.

In Orlando, with all the tourism, I don’t feel like I’m an old man stuck inside a retirement home down in Florida like most of the other cities nearby.

Orlando has so much energy and is filled with so much youth. I don’t feel bad about going for a jog in the suburbs or even down through the city because there are thousands of other active individuals doing the exact same thing.

It is really nice to be a member of such an active community and I really just love it.

The climate is so much nicer than that of my previous home in Tennessee. The breeze makes the temperature just right all the time, and it’s never too hot or sticky to bare like you find in some places.

I just love the town and I don’t think I will ever leave.

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by: om

I liked the description of your new home and city very much. Will it be possible to view some photographs of the place. Though it may not be for your interest but for me it is.

I am in India JAIPUR city do visit the place it can be interesting fir you.

Thanks, Om

by: Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India

Dear Mr. Bill,

I have immensely liked your article ?Retirement Move to Orlando (from Tennessee)?.

Your article reminds me of the oft-quoted saying ?A man does not live by bread alone?.

One wants to live at a place and in the midst of people that give him real joy. Your description of Orlando, your new home and the general atmosphere of Orlando makes me desire that I also make a move from New Delhi to Orlando and live near your home.

I wish you a long and happy retired life in your new home.

Please write to me about your life in Orlando and if possible and convenient please send to me a few scanned photographs of Orlando city, its beaches etc. With regards,

Sincerely, Durgesh, 09 August, 2010

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