Retirement Movies

by Irwin
(Lakeland, Florida)


While I have seen one or two of these movies (Bucket List, Up, Red, Toy Story 3, many of the others listed we have not seen and this newsletter could not have come at a better time.

The new season of shows hasn't started yet and there aren't many good shows on the TV at the moment. We had just talked about this subject the other evening saying that we should look for some other type of movies to watch and the ones you have listed here are like a breath of fresh air. It is our intent to locate many of these movies and make it a point to watch them over the next few weeks.

Thanks so much. What a neat idea. As I remember others that we have watched relating to retirement/seniors, I will be sure to come back to this site and mention them as well as add my two cents about them.


Wendy: I'd love you to watch them with an eye towards retirement/aging lessons, things we all do, why someone might want to watch that movie.. and add a Review below. I will link it to the movie so others can read more!

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