Retirement: My Story

by Pegirae
(Sacramento, CA)

I retired 6 days after my 55th birthday. I had high hopes, all of which have fallen through. I had 33 years of service credit with the state of California and felt enough was enough. I started working part time when I was 17.

At 55 I felt I needed to get myself back. Instead I feel like I have no more reason to get up, my life had fallen into mundane mediocracy.

Financially I did not need to work but now felt shallow and unnecessary. I have been out of work for 1 month and 2 weeks. How long does the feeling of obscurity go on? How do I change it?

I have read 2 to 4 months is the norm... I don't think I can handle much more certainly not 4 weeks... Open to advice.

Wendy: Everyone is different but your feelings are too normal, sadly enough. I hope you've read many of the other stories on this page as it only takes one persons story, or one comment, to change your perspective.

To me, personally, I was still in "vacation mode" at 2 months... it took me longer to let the idea of retirement set in. I was flying in happiness of not having to work, drinking in the spring sunshine, and simply enjoying life.. a nice relaxed new lifestyle.

Having said that, I am forever grateful that I have this website to work on, to continually challenge me, and keep me busy.

Best Wishes!

p.s. Retirees, come out, come out and help this Californian as they are sinking fast!!

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Hang in there
by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

While you retired a lot younger than I did, as I retired at 68 after working as an RN for 35 years total working for 45 years.

It took me a good year and there was a lot I had to adjust to and one big thing is facing you are no longer an essential part of the rat race. However, once you start doing things to find out who you are again and what you really enjoy I think you will find a freedom and enjoyment you have perhaps never known since you were a kid.

When I discovered myself again after 4 years of retirement I wouldn't change it for anything.

Life is good in the slower lane where you have time and energy to do things you enjoy once again. Perhaps you need to tap into what those are and in so doing will build a new life one where you can enjoy for a long time hopefully

Wow, I'm there too
by: Michael P

October 1 2012 was the happiest day of my life, I woke up in my tent in Yosemite a days hike from the nearest road. I was retired and 55 and felt on top of the world.

Now 8 weeks later I feel so bad that if I knew this is how I would feel I would have never retired.

It is great to read the other accounts of people with similar stories but this really hurts. I do think that it will pass but I hope soon. Maybe it was too much too soon, In September my oldest son went off to college, that anxiety seems to compound the problem.

I am staying pretty active and reaching out to other recently retired fire fighters. I'll keep this post informed. Thank you all for being here and the work that you did.

Retirement Lifestyle
by: Seniorpreneur


I'm reading your story with some sadness. You said that you had high hopes in the past when you were still working. I think that the Key here is go back to the time you had those feelings and then see if you can find just one thing you can still work on and get passionate about.

I was in a similar situation until I found my Seniorpreneur Project where I want to take the subject of finances and lifestyle for Seniors(50 Plus) to a different and higher level.

Good Luck!

Joe W.

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